Baby Jesus

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YEARS and YEARS ago…like about 17-16 I bought this nativity pattern. I loved hand embroidery and I saw this and thought it was adorable to make for Christmas presents…so I did make several to give to family members and they were my first quilt projects…..I see them now and think OMG!!! I need to steal those back and make new ones for everyone. LOL They are UGLY!! But I tried.

Anyway ….when I married Rob I had traced several more to give as gifts to family and friends…and they sat in a box waiting to be stitched….this one was actually stitched back then…and it sat waiting with the others. Now I will admit that I have actually finished stitching all of the centers….and they are just waiting to be quilted. I should have done that over the summer…maybe there is still time….I will see. But anyway…since the center of this was stitched I threw it into a round robin group maybe a few summers ago to see how they would build it up. It turned out lovely.

I did add the last patchwork border to finish it off…..but I really like the added scriptures and the stars and diamonds….it adds to the feeling of the nativity theme. I really like that this 15 year old UFO is finally finished and I can cross it off the list.

I did some cross hatching, swirls, continuous curves and stars ect…just to bring out each layer of the quilt.

I used scraps for the back…because why not! I just use them up and add some spice.

How are you all doing on your Christmas projects? it’s getting close….especially for your longarm quilters…’ll need to think about sending them soon…it will also keep you from binding on Christmas eve. :) haha! how many of us do that> ?



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  1. Carol October 11, 2017 at 8:16 am - Reply

    I love your posts! Each day a new quilt and story helps me stay motivated to get some more of my quilts finished. Thank you!

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