Aurora Ridge

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This quilt is simply STUNNING! Julie sent it to me and she did a beautiful job. I really did not want to send this back.

It’s called Aurora Ridge and it’s by McKenna Ryan…you can get that here.

Everything Beautiful about the PNW is captured in this quilt. I love the PNW and will likely never live anywhere else…I love it. ( i don’t like my particular city it’s brown, dry and desert like…..but I like the other part of the PNW…haha!)

I used a monofilament thread to quilt it so I could easily go from one thing to another.   It’s a wall hanging …so perfectly great thread to use.

I am so pleased with the finish.

Julie also sent this sweet Table runner made by the same designer….

Thanks so much Julie! It’s always fun to see your projects!

blessings everyone!


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