Asian Wallhanging

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I have decided to make a new category on my sidebar (Asian) for Asian quilts. I love them but i never make them myself. I have been “collecting” lots of Asian prints..I love the elegant florals and what not. I have been using them in with my quilts and for backings but not actually made an Asian themed quilt. So it’s on my list. IMG_5112

Delores is a local quilter here…and she owns her own Innova…but says that I am so far ahead of her ( skillwise) that she wants me to quilt her special quilts for her. She was actually working at the shop when I started working there all those years ago…..:)

I know God gave me this gift. IMG_5105

Anyway she made this fabulous quilt for her sister as a gift. I used metro thread for the first time on this quilt. I heard about it from my friend Char….apparently it’s embroidery thread..but it’s really shiny and can be used for piecing and long arm quilting. So i thought I would try it out. she sent me part of a spool in her favorite color and it honestly looks like gold metallic thread…but it behaves so much better in my long arm. I can use metallic thread..but I have to make lots of adjustments and  i will only buy superior. But this stuff is now a new love of mine! WOW! Who needs metallic threads anymore? I can use this is several colors and have all types of metallics and a FRACTION of the cost of other metallics. That’s what I love about the quilting community…for the most part all of us are nice to each other and we are willing to share our “secrets’ and help one another out.    I fele that way anyway..I am always willing to share info and insight when asked. IMG_5106 IMG_5107

Delores did a great job on her piecing and choice of fabrics. It was easy for me to come in and finish this and bring out all of her work. Love it!IMG_5108 IMG_5109

Thanks D! It’s a pleasure working with you!IMG_5110


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  1. Teresa June 2, 2013 at 4:02 pm - Reply

    love the colors and circles…of course the quilting.

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