Another One Bites the Dust…

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IMG_4160 IMG_4161 IMG_4159Another UFO that is! YAY

I started these totes a few weeks ago….I used to piece these all the time..most of my friends have some because they are such scrap busters. They are perfect for grocery shopping because they hold a TON of groceries. IMG_4158

They are great to use for scraps because they use 4 panels that are 25 x 19. I use the pre-made handles so it saves me some work…but I used to actually make the handles as well.   The bottom of each bag also has a sleeve to slide in cardboard for a stable bottom. I instead put a square of timtex in the bottom so it can be washed. I used to just sew it closed…but I left it as open sleeve that way we can add a couple layers if we need.  The pockets are made from the gussets that are taken when you cut the panels to form the box bottom.  So there are four pockets in each bag. IMG_4154 IMG_4153

So all of these are just improv pieced to use scraps big or small…all wild colors and nothing matching. Who needs that kind of pressure when dealing with scraps? Not Me. I was just trying to get them used all up.  I send lots of scraps out and I love what is made with them..truly all of them. But Sometimes it’s nice to just to not think about anything and complete the puzzle….I think that’s what I was going through. I love making something from nothing. I think it’s just that thing in me…I used to think I should have been around during the depression…because I used to save everything…I have gotten way better.  IMG_4157 IMG_4156 IMG_4155

I could have also used these to use for backings on scrap quilts…..but I bought the bag straps so I figured I should just make them….I can think about the other option later. SO I think I am going to give an update on my UFO later this week…cause maybe I will get to mark another one off? Yes/no? Maybe so?IMG_4152 IMG_4151 IMG_4150

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