Another Day of “Charisma” Work

I am trying to catch up on all of my commitments. Haiti kind of got in the way. It’s so hard to plan my “work” load with my personal life. I can schedule my on-line work…but the shop is difficult because people just drop off quilts as they wish. So one day 10 could come in…or it could be a week of nothing. So in order to keep up with my on-line stuff and shop quilts I have a fine line. Haiti threw in another wrench…I still have several pictures to post from that time period as well ( quilts I quilted during that time) I was treading water and doing everything to get all the quilts out on time. :)

Anyway I have been taking this week to catch up on my stuff. Practicing quilt designs & Templates. Finishing quilt tops that I made and want  need to empty a bin so it doesn’t keep calling me….saying  “I am full…over flowing full”..” Quilt me please”  and I had two rounds to do for my round robin…..finished the second one last night… I also have a memory quilt to piece. I want to go into the new year with a fresh feeling. That will be nice. I have so many things I want to accomplish and I don’t want anything hanging over. :) Dear Jane will have to hang over. IMG_3832 IMG_3833 IMG_3831

So yesterday I worked on this in between life. Bow-ties for Mike’s IRR. I love this quilt top. I actually don’t own any 30’s quilts. I own so many different types and 30’s isn’t one of them…so for my next IRR I am making a 30’s center so I can then own one. I was wondering if I should have copied the border with the many different strips framed in with the solid purple….so the eye could have a place to rest. But I really wanted to piece those bow-ties. I feel the bow-ties are good for 30’s ( like period specific….well popular during that time anyway.) and also I love the design they make pieced like this. It would been better if it were a rectangle shape rather than square because then I could have done the corners differently….but it’s square and I think it would have looked funny to add 6 inches of white on the top and bottom to get it the shape I wanted.  So this was good. IMG_3828 IMG_3827

I also quilted this little quilt. It was a lap quilt I made during the summer..I was trying a design….and it didn’t work out to well because of my color choices. No big deal…it was just a little jelly roll I had laying around…..and I used minkee I had in my stash for the back…perfect lap quilt size. I used my Loricles  template board. I love the Zig-Zag designs. It’s so simple, modern and easy. I could have quilted my ferns..but it’s my quilt….and I wanted to have a more graphic design ( so I could play) I quilted the Zig-Zags vertically by loading my quilt side-ways.   I like the look. If I don’t play around with this stuff on my own quilts I won’t know what I should do for customer it’s good to play sometimes. :)IMG_3841 IMG_3840 IMG_3839 IMG_3838 IMG_3837 IMG_3836 IMG_3835


On The frame today? My postcards quilts. I can’t wait to finish that. I am going to quilt Baptist fans. I love that template from Loricles and it’s such an old fashioned design that it will compliment my vintage (looking) quilt, perfectly. I also have a fun modern quilt that I want to get on the frame that I got from Annette ( in a scrappy trade) ….because it will be fun to quilt and I love the look of it.

So much to get done.


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  1. Annette Caron December 28, 2012 at 9:19 pm - Reply

    Please promise you`ll show me that modern one after it is quilted….can`t wait to see what you`ll do with it!

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