A Pretty Patchwork

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Well I met Kathy at the last quilt show in Portland….she had asked about all over stipples…and she sent me this quilt.

you know what I love about this quilt?…..it’s simple…..but the fabrics are STUNNING! I think since the focus on this quilt is the fabrics..an all over stipple with cotton batting is the perfect combo because…..it’s simple and once it is washed and dried it will shink up and be cuddly…..and cozy.  I think this is the type of quilt we all remember cuddling with from our grandmothers…simple pretty and comfortable. There are many quilts in my own house that just have an all over stipple because that’s all it needs. actually teh ones that are used the most have the most basic quilting designs. I love all types of quilts/quilting. I think that shows in my work.

Anwyay Thanks so much Kathy! I apprecite you trusting me with your quilt! I will see ya next week!

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