A Gift for a Special Person.

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IMG_4366I had these blocks…26 of them left in fact from some swaps on the QB. I had made several blocks that I was going to trade and didn’t think they were good enough to trade, so I kept them. I already used several to make a quilt for my daughter’s Graduation gift.    So half of these blocks were made from people all over the world..I find that so interesting…don’t you? It just adds a bit of whimsy.

Anyhow….I have been wanting to mark another item off my UFO list…which is here:

1.pink and brown blocks from a QB swap ( years ago..I have already made one quilt from them..I have enough for another queen size.)           I get to mark this off YAHOOO!

2. Red and White BOM. I just found this. In 2009 my LQS did a BOM program..if you spent 50$ each month you got a free BOM in either Red & White or Blue and White. I have 9 of those block….I pieced one of them. I have no idea what happened to the other three. But I just found it….so I guess for every UFO I finish I get to replace it with another I find. DARN!   and this! Double Yahoo!

3. 3-D Christmas trees ( 2 years old)

4. quilt tops that just need to be quilted ( actually not even one whole bin….which means I am doing really well at getting caught up on my own) Now it’s a completely full bin. But I am ok with the bin being full because once a quilt in in “que” it will eventually get completed.

5. 9 patch a day ( still a work in progress) I did accomplish this goal…but as soon as I get caught up on quilts I am also going to start making some 9-patches from my charm bin. :)

6. My 3-D bird quilt…these were birthday blocks from my quilt group for 2012.

7. My crazy quilt….I am not sure that this will get accomplished this year because it requires alot of hand work.

8. My Felted Women wall hanging

9. my Crab Apple Hill “Over the woods” The embroidery is always being worked on but I haven’t even started the blocks

10. Dear Jane

11. My colorful trees. I started these cool trees a few years ago that use a specific fabric. I really need to get these done.

12.The latest one I just found : Japanese fan. All Paper piecing.

13. I also have various embroidery projects that I started 10 years ago… they are completely not anything in my style now but I just can’t let anything go…so I will have to work on them as well.

14. My Autumn wool BOM…I have only one block finished.


So that was quite a rabbit trail….and I am down to 11 UFO’s YAHOO! I also have to say I did complete some more quilt tops that were not on my list. One was a late night inspiration…and i knew I could get it done in a few hours…so I did, one was a scrappy I started when Carla and Courtney were here..I had to order a border..so I attached that..and it is now in the bin.  I also had 20 blocks sitting in a bin for the last couple years. Bryce made them and had never finished the quilt….before I had a long arm. So I decided to finish it…just so I could use that storage bin for something else..and it took about 30 minutes to construct…maybe an hour after you include the backing and what not…it’s now also in the “to be quilted” bin. IMG_4370 IMG_4369 IMG_4368

So getting back to the pink& brown blocks…Item number one marked off of UFO list!IMG_4367

Our church secretary works for free…5 days a week..every day. She is the nicest most loving women. Her husband also dedicates lots of free time to the church. They don’t do it because they feel they have to do it..or that they want to be in control..they don’t gossip or get involved in the yuckiness that comes in some of those positions. I love them for that. I think She is such an example of a good, loving woman and I am so thankful to know her and call her friend. I wanted to bless her. I found out her favorite color is pink…and I had all of these pink blocks….so I feverishly sewed this queen size quilt together..thinking of her the whole time. I hope she loves it. I quilted all over Charisma Curls..and framed it in with a feather. Beth will bind it….then I am going to gift it….I want her to have a gift as she is a gift to me. IMG_4365

I hope you all feel special today! We all deserve to feel blessed..and most of that comes from recognizing our blessings. IMG_4359 IMG_4358

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