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Hi everyone, I have been crazy BUSY!! I have a total of 13 quilts that have been picked up by magazines …I think this week I will do a post showing all of the published ones so far.

Also The Quilting Company ran an article on me…YAY!! You can find that article here on their Website.

I was so excited that they ran that article. They sent it out in a newsletter as well. It’s so cool to see a magazine come in the mail and my work is in there. It’s amazing really. I can tear up thinking about it. It’s not a big deal to some, I suppose. But for little ol’ me …well I feel beyond blessed. I made it my personal goal to be accepted into a magazine for each season of this year to kick off my pattern business. I am happy to report ….that I made it! I was getting really worried that I wouldn’t get into a Christmas issue because those are really difficult , I think. Christmas quilts will always be a special and many of our favorites. I am happy to report that I actually had 2 designs picked up. One of them was actually my favorite design and it was the second one picked up….I really thought it was going to get chosen above all of the others…and another one was picked up first. LOL! You just never know.

So yes this week I am working on Halloween and Christmas quilts because that is actually how far ahead of schedule all of these magazines work.

I am also of course longarming. The weather is almost starting to clear up so I can start posting pictures again. I have no real place in my house that I can hang quilts for pictures. So until I can take quilts outside for pictures….I can’t really post. But soon I will be posting regular pictures again. :) Be prepared. Please send along quilts. rob is still doing computerized E2E designs as well. He is all caught up. So his turn around time is fast. I am actually pretty caught up as well. so my custom quilting is out about 2-3 weeks. Rob’s is typically faster.

I have also been publishing a few of my own patterns I will post pictures here so you can see what I have been up to. They are all listed in my shop ( there is a tab up above) or you can also visit my ETSY shop: HERE.

So as you all know the gnomes have captured my soul…it’s so crazy how many ideas I have in my head for gnomes. I actually had the sketches done for this quilt before the monthly gnomes that I posted before….So here is the latest: Gnome garden Party:

I also released this pattern called Holiday Homecoming:

Holiday Homecoming

I love the scene with the vintage bug, the tree towing and of course a dog. My daughter is turning 16 soon and she will be driving a vintage bug. It’s been her dream car since she was 4 years old. Our friends gifted one to her. Her and her dad are fixing her up. It’s amazing to see dreams come true…not just my own. *heart swell*

I also published this Christian quilt called Jeweled Cross:

I am really having a lot of fun creating quilts. Seeing my ideas come to fruition is just amazing!

I am also booking guild workshops and talks to teach my embroidery style using my patterns. I am REALLY excited about that. I will be keeping you all updated. I am also scheduling some retreats in my area…I am hoping to have a fall and spring date lined up soon so I will keep you all posted ….just in case any of you would like to join me for 3 days of embroidery work, food and fun.

So I have a few more embroidery patterns coming out soon. I am very excited about all of the work I am doing. I hope it all works out in the end and I just want to thank you all for your support and for following me on this journey.



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  1. Amy April 7, 2019 at 6:20 am

    I am so proud of you. I love your motivation. You inspire me every day. Keep it up! Love you❤

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