9 Patch Stars

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Judi made this quilt for her 19 year old son who is leaving to college…it’s a dorm quilt. IMG_5704

I love the colors and the whole “Guy” feeling to it. I can imagine me making a few similar to this in just a couple of years..makes me tear up thinking about it. The only difference would be that mine would have to have minkee on the back…my kids like minkee on the back of all their quilts.  Judi’s son is also particular about his quilt as he had lots of say in design and what not. Which is really good because that means he will love it and cherish it. IMG_5703

He requested swirls in the center and then we discussed a few different border options..I like the linear designs to offset the swirls. IMG_5705 IMG_5706 IMG_5707

Then the back shows everything off very well. *heart*


Judi it’s a pleasure working with you! Thanks!

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