Memory quilt

Donna is one of Beth’s ( my binder and good friend) besties.

Donna’s favorite type of quilt to make is a memory quilt. This one is especially sweet. The couple featured started dating in high school…the top row has a picture of them at their freshman homecoming…in 1981. Then the second row is their dance in 1982….. all the way thru 1985….then the couple broke up went their separate ways..married poeple had families….and after divorces….and being single found eachother again..and re-kindled that relationship. SO sweet! They got married last month. Donna made this quilt as a momento for them…isn’t that great?

I quilted the years of each even …their names…and special dates. I love these kind of quilts. Honestly it makes you lvoe people you don’t even know…I pray all the happiness and love for them in this new chapter!

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