Log Cabin Leaves

This is a small quilt made by Beth’s Sister. ( Beth is my friend/binder).IMG_4360

Her sister has a friend who lost her daughter in an accident. So she decided to make a lap quilt for her friend to use for comfort. I quilted the name of her daughter in one of the feather plumes….per the maker’s request. It’s a beautiful little quilt..made for a beautiful reason…and I just feel so blessed to be a part of these type of gifts. IMG_4363 IMG_4362

We all just want to be comfortable…that’s why we hate change…hate leaving our comfort zone…and make many choices that we do….but an offer of comfort from a friend..or with a quilt is special. IMG_4361

I quilted a feathers, Leaves..and big spirals. So cute! IMG_4364

Thanks so much for looking! I hope you all have a comfortable day!


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