Judy Niemeyer….Winter Ice Circles

I am not actually sure what the nameof this JN pattern is…but with the colors and the circular design on the fabrics…all I could think of was Winter Ice &Circles.

So I quilted in some circles..I didn’t quilt this in the traditional way I would have quilted with lavish feathers…or swirls. I stepped out of my comfort zone and let the fabricsinspire me. the finish isbeautiful. I am always amazed at how far I am stretched in this job. How much I have to step out and push myself further..all the time. sometimes it’s a gentle push from someone else..other times I have to take the leap myself.When it happens and it turnes out…it is always a sense of relief and accomplishment. I love that feeling!

Pam sent this quilt to me..she is going to enter it into her local quilt show..I hope it does well. I love it!


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