I have shown this as a quilt top before…in fact the weekend I made this one.  (You can see what my quilt looked like not quilted.) ..Roo also made one and quilted hers with the all over swirl board. You can find that post here. When she came into the studio today she said “I have that quilt. It’s on my bed. Mine doesn’t look like that.” No it sure doesn’t.



I saved my top for a time when I would have “time” to quilt it. Seriously I don’t know why I ever fool myself into believing that time will just fall into my lap. But what inspired me to get it quilted is actually the Wenatchee quilt show. I decided to enter this year. They don’t have very many modern quilts….So I figured someone has to start entering some…right?

I have shared many times that my middle name is Hope. So is Roo’s. It has special meaning to me because my grandma chose that part of my name and it’s always been her favorite name. :)at least that is what she tells me. I really dislike my first name..so I am glad I got a good middle name.





So I have to give credit to Tula Pink because I used her “Love” pattern to make this quilt. I simply changed two letters to spell Hope instead of Love. I actually want to make the Love one as well because I see a quilting vision…that has to do with a cross. But I have to save that for another day. If you  re interested in buying the Love pattern you can get that here.


My favorite kind of quilts are quilts that tell a story.  Or quilts that have meaning. I can get inspired by lots of things…..but the quilts that I really treasure near and dear are the ones that have meaning. So when I made this Hope quilt I wanted it to have meaning.    As you all know I am a hopeless romantic daydreamer….so it just makes sense that if I went to all of the trouble to change a few letters in a pattern …that I would have to quilt meaning into my quilt and give it a new life.  I love the way Angela Walters quilted the original ….So I took some of her elements because they applied to my quilt story. I just have to give her credit because her influence is in my everyday work…..I am always inspired by her quilting and down to earth teachings and personality. She’s the best.


So now that I have gotten all of that out of the way…I can start my quilt story.

What does hope mean?

Webster’s definition is :

1. to desire with expectation of obtainment


2. to expect with confidence

As a name it means ~ optimism


I love that! I have so many scriptures that I hold onto that contain the word “Hope” We put our hope in the Lord. I think it takes so much work to be an optimistic , Hopeful person. Doesn’t it? I think we can never give up hope. Even when I want to give up I still have to hang on to that one little ray of hope.

So I quilted in “Building blocks.” The building blocks of hope are scriptures, perseverance, a positive attitude and Strength. Sometimes it takes great strength to be a hopeful person. When everyone thing around you is crumbling and you are still hanging on by a thread of hope. Yes…I said thread. hehe





That’s not a really bad shadow it’s water …I had to spritz the marks off…..and if I waited any longer to take pictures..then I would have missed all the light.










I also quilted in Rays…..A little ray of Hope. How many times in life do we hear that or even say it? I just think it’s suitable to have rays of hope in my quilt story.

IMG_9786 IMG_9787



I also quilted in a sun. It kind of seems funny to have HUGE rays and then quilt a small sun. In my original sketch I thought it didn’t make sense…it all looked a bit disjointed. But honestly that is actually how my mind works. That sun represents~ “A new dawn…or a New beginning” There is always hope in a new beginning. Even if that beginning doesn’t come in a way you/we want it to come-> there is always hope in that. So I felt the sun needed to be a part of my Hope quilt. There is always a glimmer of hope in a new beginning. I know this may sound fake or cheesy to some people….but this is seriously how I think. I can’t help it….it’s all there. 🙂 I had another sketch which maybe would have flown a bit better than this original one….but I needed some special tools to complete that …that I didn’t have….so I went back to my original thoughts. After all I am on a deadline.



The sun From the back.:







Since my middle name is Hope…I quilted my initials in the frame around HOPE. In the upper corner is “C”. IN the lower corner is “HD” I go by Horton because I have 3 kids with that last name..but my husband’s last name starts with a “D”…so I included that. I don’t usually do that unless it’s a family quilt…….but I thought I should include all parts of me…for this special quilt.




I would also say I don’t have the greatest of lighting for pics….but I am just to excited to show you the finished quilt. I have been working on it all day ….about 10 hours…only a 30 minute break to go to the shop and look at lace. My shoulders are killing me…..but I am in love with my finished quilt…..so it was worth it! I was hopeful I would get it done today. *wink*  IMG_9788

I will get more pictures while it’s hanging in the quilt show.. I hope you all have a great night!


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