Diamonds are Forever

Isn’t this lovely? It’s also a scrap quilt…I know some people don’t love scrap quilts…but I honestly do fall in love with them….not just mine but other peoples too…even when I work on other people’s scrappy quilts…most of the time I can find a piece of fabric I own as well in their scrappy quilts..which is always a pleaseant surprise….There are a million different fabrics out there and yet I may have one that someone in Japan makes us feel like a small community ..doesn’t it?

Anyhow..Mary Beth has been with me since the beginning…I goofed on her first quilt..I should show you all some of my first quilts..I was so afraid of over quilting and I left large areas unquilted…one of my kids’ quilts I really need to load on the frame again and quilt some more… anyway..I am so glad she stuck with me and gave me another chance..I think we work well together!

anyway This quilt she named “Diamonds are Forever” & Its a wedding gift. She requested feathers in the background areas…I quilted swirly ribbons in the diamonds..most of them come together to form hearts within the diamonds…and I framed it all in with abig swirly feather.


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