Daisy Love….

Well I pieced this a few years ago..before I had a long arm..before longarm ownership was even a possibility ( or so I thought). The pattern was originally just the pieced blocks in the center…the pattern was called “Denver Omlette” it was a breakfast club pattern. Clearly..that is not an appropriate name now. hehe. I chose those cream and yellow fabrics to piece my blocks without knowing what my background fabric would be….smart huh? I wouldn’t reccomend that normally…..but I have a habit of doing silly things like that ..then I have to hunt for the perfect fabric. But in this case I had loved this daisy fabric for quite some time.. didn’t know how I would use it..I thought the block colors were a bit off but I also thought I could pull it together in some way. So I did. Then I added this appliqued and peiced border….I wanted some flair…if I did it again..I would do it differently ….but I was “experimenting” and this is what happens when you experiment…so there ya go!

I have to say I kind of struggled with the quilting too. This quilt has been sitting in a bin……I would pull it out..then shove it back in…thinking “I have no ideas” Then I took it to Cindi so we could have a quilt plan meeting…I left there with a few more ideas….still shoved it in the bin….waiting.

So I really started out as a scrapbooker…so many things that I get inspiration from comes from scrapping….I know right? There was one point when I actually was caught up with all of my kids scrapbooks..sadly that is not the case now. 🙂

So I came up with the theme of “He loves me…He loves me not” …….I quilted that in the little white border….also amoung the daisies…but I could just kick myself now……why did I write “He loves me…he loves you..”?That would have been more fitting don’t you think? That always happens after it’s done….but I am not ripping out now. So that’s staying..I will know for next time.

I also used a curved ruler to make the little swags on the top and bottom borders…..filled then in with daisies. I couldn’t make everything symmetrical because of the designs I had put in the borders..so I changed up everything in the center..which I really LOVE..it makes it interesting to look at…at least that is pleasing to me.

So anyway…here is my quilt…



One thought on “Daisy Love….

  1. I like the subtle color choice. It really allows the quilting to stand out. Oh, which I could manage quilting like this! Great job!

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