ZUMBA!! Tuesday

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Well last week I missed Zumba both times..cause I had to do kids stuff one day..and I can’t remember why on the other day.

My friend Penny posted this picture on my FB page…Hilarious

It’s really hilarious because I am pretty sure that is how I look….except that guy is pretty skinny. My friend Donna says it’s worth paying her fee just to watch me perform Zumba..LOL I will take it cause I am so uncoordinated. But tonight I felt like I was on my game a bit more..not that I have more coordination. But I could stay focused enough to at least move half of my body parts the way I was supposed to. As long as I get a work out right?

So this is week two of no sugar or carbs. I actually feel good. I am not snacking or anything, portions are going down…and I am not hungry. This next weekend will be my free weekend to eat carbs again…then I am going back to this again on Monday. I have lost 4 pounds since starting this 8 days ago. It was such a struggle at first ..and I have to eat so much fresh veggies…which I do normally …I think it’s when you think you can’t eat anything else that you don’t want them..right?

So  I have been trying to get creative with what I eat..mix it up..so I can enjoy my meals.  I have been drinking diet pop…I just can’t give it up yet. I know it will happen slowly…but I have to work on one thing at a time. LOL I could go into overload.  But I have plenty of water and iced tea.  There is the diet saga.

Here is  a quote from my favorite book ( right now anyway) “The Neurotics Notebook”

“YOu will turn over many a futile new leaf till you learn we must all write on scratched-out pages”

How true is this? We all try so many things….trying to find what jives with us.


So I made a plan today. Jeri decided to drop out of Driver’s ed. It kills me that she wasted our money. That’s why I made her pay half to begin with cause 375$ is a lot of money.  SO she can take it again for 75$ ..and she also owes 23$ for choir fees..I paid them once..and she used it to pay for something else ( that kills me too). so now she expects us to pay this fee again…Ummm NO. Not happening. But in order to make her successful I made a deal with her. You get the yard cleaned up and  ready for me to start spring planting..clean up all the dog mess…you know? She had 3.5 weeks to accomplish this. She hasn’t done it. Well I think I waited long enough. So I posted an add in our house ..stating all jobs that need to be completed…and the job is available for 100$. Well of course all 5 kids decide this is a good deal..so they are all working on it for 20$ each ( Clarissa is really sick..so she isn’t cleaning…she doesn’t do alot anyway..she is the baby of the family. Oh bother!)

Well in order to keep myself from having to be a referee with their fighting…you know how it goes:

“So and so isn’t doing as much work as we are”

“So and so is talking on the phone”

So and so is throwing rocks instead of raking”


I decided to make a scale system for bonuses.

So they get to rate eachother in certain aspects of work….and whoever rates highest gets a bonus of cash.

So this makes them all work together and at their best. I feel like a genius! There was no fighting and  only cooperation today…well while they were working anyway. LOL

My yard looks better than it has all winter in just one afternoon of them cleaning..apparently money motivates around here.

Well that’s about all the crumbs I have for today. I am going to go work on a quilt and watch the Biggest Loser.

Have a great night!




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