Birthday Weekend

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HI All,

Well Saturday was my birthday as you all know. :)

It was a good day. It actually started on Friday. I was having a rough day (again) and I got a call from the shop they asked me to come down…i figured they jest needed quilts and for me to pick some up. So I gladly went down to birthday cake and wishes….and PRESENTS! I got certificates to feed my family dinner one night so i can have a night off. That is fabulous right? a night off..woohoo! I also got fabrics. Thanks Sabrina! I am so thankful for all of my friends. Carla was leaving over the weekend…and she called on Friday because she knew she wouldn’t have cell service…sweet….right?

Then Saturday I was working away and Donna called to take me to lunch. Rob was called in on his only day off…which had him a bit cranky. But he did take me out to dinner. SO it was relaxed, I worked, I got presents and had a lovely time.

I also made a decision between Friday and Saturday after having an interaction with Jeri. I just finally told her she can’t reep the benefits of being a part of this family if she can’t value or respect out family.  As much as I had let her and her actions go…all summer I have been hanging on to her going to to college. clearly she doesn’t want that. She wants to live on the commune with her boyfriend. SO I am letting go of that as well. She no longer has a free ride for college. We won’t help her with anything..she is being disrespectful and not helping herself. I can’t help someone who isn’t helping herself. Trina has a plan in place that we have all discussed and we are in agreement. So I fully expect that our daughter will be living with is family in the near future. I actually feel better than I have felt all summer. Finally releasing it and knowing that there is no way she will go to college and being anxious waiting for it to happen. I can now accept this is the way it will be. Everything has been leading to this….and it was just hard for me to accept.

so everything was a little “lighter’ this weekend.

Sunday I skipped church and had a date with Trina, Carl, & Clarissa. We did our school clothes shopping, had a lunch date, and went to a movie. It was nice….it didn’t feel like a Sunday I have to say. When you get into a routine..and go to church….it felt like any other day of the week. But it’s OK. Tonight is bible study.

I have pictures…but my lawn is soaking wet…we have had thunder, lightening and showers off and on since Friday. It’s been really good for my lawn. But not the wild fires.   Well the down pour was good for those…just not the lightening. When I went for my walk Saturday morning I could smell the smoke. That’s always scary. We live in the dry part of WA…and fires spread so rapidly…you never like to hear of that.

Also more good news. We bought a pick-up. I have this utility trailer that is old and falling apart. The lights never work right and Rob just hates it.  So he grumbles about it every time we have to go to the dump. So the last few years he has been saying we just need to get a pick up for dump runs..and when we need to make runs to Home Depot ect. Well his parents told us this last weekend they went and got a new one. So we asked if we could buy their old one. Now that worked out perfect didn’t it? Perfect time with all of the projects I want to get done this winter. YAY!  So now I need to sell my utility trailer..which is currently full. Rob just wants to leave it at the dump. He hates it that much! I don’t think so. Goofy boy!

Well I better get with my day and get some work done. I hope you all have a great day!




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  1. Deb M August 12, 2013 at 11:44 am - Reply

    Happy Birthday Charisma!

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