Yesterday, the last day of April

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Can you believe we will never see another April day in 2012? Time is just flying by.

Yesterday I had DJ class and lunch with Donna. I was away from home for 3 hours..which seems like a long time..I feel like I am always home…and the more I am home the more I want to be home..I am becoming a hermit. LOL

But when I got home I saw a HUGE box on my doorstep…and I just knew it couldn’t be a quilt….I was so excited! I knew exactly what it was.. I had it set up in time for the kids to get home from school { and have a snack} . A few years ago I bought this for my family for Christmas. Well it makes really yummy popcorn…and it gives us the ambiance of movie theatre popcorn..right? But it’s so small ..Clarissa or I usually have popcorn making duty and we can miss half a movie trying to make one bowl of popcorn for all of us. So I found a great buy on a much bigger one on-line. I got it for the same price as the little one..which is fabulous! I know it seems weird..but we LOVE popcorn in this house and it serves as an after school snack many times for the kids as well. So the kids are excited about after school snack today..hehe. I had it all together.. they helped me set it up in the wouldn’t think it would be such a family affair but..we take popcorn seriously around here. maybe there is a coorelation with why I need to diet? Hmm? I will have to think about that

I also had a nice visit with Beth..she dropped off her binding jobs and picked up new ones. we always have a nice visit with her and i just love her. She has some issues with her shoulder and arm if you all could pray for her..I would appreciate that.

So I showed a little tabletopper I made for Victoria a few weeks ago…and I loved it so much I made one for myself..Beth finished binding that one…here it is.

I am so blessed with so many people in my life that I care about and love. It’s just amazing how God provides. I am thankful.

This last weekend donna took Preston to a TNA wrestling match..I have no idea about wrestling or who people are..but apparently they got to meet Rick Hardy. That’s a pretty good thing, I guess. Preston had a lot of fun..and  came home wiped out.

Rob & I went shopping all over for a mini-split {heating- air conditioning unit} to put in the studio..we ordered it on-line. Church was great. We had a sermon about modern day false prophets. How to distinguish them from real followers and signs. I had a moment of realization for myself. I was being convicted of something..and I was having a hard time all sunday morning..then I submitted {Thank God} asked God for forgiveness..and all throughout the sermon I had confirmation that I did the right thing. Blessings. It’s so much better to listen. LOL I confessed to my kids when we got home…Not because it involved them ..but because I wanted them to know that everyone struggles. I want them to see the whole picture of me..and let them know I am human and I have the same struggles as they do. I don’t think they really cared…but maybe it will matter later. LOL


So a fun little thing….I know many people name their machines. I need help naming my Janome Memory craft 4400. She has been such a trooper for me..she needs a name. I have had her for ever and she is nameless. Help me change that. I need ideas.

I have not named all my machines…But I do have a name for these ones:

My Black Featherweight is named “Prissy’ cause she’s in pristine condition.

My 26 Innova is Venus and my 18 innova in Serena. LOL  Because they are champions! They are sisters…and they are strong!

So any ideas?  all my machines have to have girl names..that’s the requirement.






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  1. Donna Hodgson May 6, 2012 at 4:20 pm - Reply

    You are such a do-do. It’s JEFF Hardy! Sheesh. I gotta tell this girl everything! ;)

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