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HI Everyone, What’s up? How’s things?

I have been crazy busy. I didn’t actually realize how crazy busy until Saturday and I realized I only had a week left to get ready for Sew Expo in Puyallup, WA.

I am teaching 3 classes there and I am also a vendor.

If you are interested in signing up for any of my classes here is the Site.

I am super excited to be a teacher. I am teaching hand embroidery classes featured around wool pennies. :) I would love to see you all there.

Rob will also be there holding down my booth with a few of my friends.

I realized that I needed to get a bunch of my patterns printed. I am still cutting fabrics. Rob has been cutting kits every weekend. My BIL is also coming over a few days a week to cut kits.  So things are moving along.

But on top of all of that I have 3 magazine quilts that I need to get done. My longarm work….and what is crazy is that in the month of March…I have 3 shows. One in Monroe, WA and one in Tricities, WA. :)

My dog, Kali, is also having her first leg surgery. It’s crazy fast but she has lost a ton of weight on her new thyroid med. My poor girl had been suffering with a bad thyroid and I kept trying different dog foods and eliminating treats ect thinking she was being over fed. A month on meds and she has lots a significant amount of weight.  She is back to her old self and she is enjoying life a bit more. :)


Here is a link to my Etsy shop

So needless to say my March is CRAZY!! I will be running full speed ahead.

This is my Summer Mountains quilt. I have all 4 seasons designed. They are all on my list. But I started with Summer. :) This pattern comes in 2 sizes. A twin size and a wall hanging/baby quilt size.

Then in April I will hopefully get back to normal. But I will still have a little extra work than normal. I am trying to get my pattern business off of the ground and a few of my designs have been accepted at various booths for quilt market. So I will be making samples. I am super excited! I cannot wait to show you all some of these new designs. There are some really great fabrics coming out.

This is Magic Touch. I made this using Cotton Couture Solids from Michael Miller. I really love this quilt. I named it “magic Touch” because it reminded me of that iconic scene in E.T. when Elliot and ET touch fingers. All of that magic, love and energy in that connection.


I have been publishing a ton of patterns to try to get ready.  Sometimes the patterns need to be published and other times I have to keep them a secret. But I am waiting for some yardage to make some of my cover quilts to arrive. It’s a crazy kind of life. LOL


I am trying to create line of pre-cut friendly patterns. All 3 of these are FQ friendly projects. I am very excited to get all of the samples made for these. :) The patterns are available in my Etsy shop.

I also designed this one:

It’s my modern take on a GrandMother’s flower garden quilt.

I also designed this more traditional pattern called Beautiful Bouquets:

I have a few more traditional designs coming out soon as well.

I also designed a quilt called Show & tell to showcase fabulous cuts of fabric:

My friend, Sally is officially retired now. She asked if I had anything for her to sew. Ummm, yes. So I gave her my bag of Michael Miller Fairy Frost and she made my pattern called “City Windows” in the planned colorway here:

What is funny about that is that she was not excited about this design. It was too simple, more modern than she typically likes…..but I told her it would be fast and easy.

So she took it. She ended up liking it and made her own version using her bag of Kaffe Scraps:

I love her version. It’s blended and beautiful and full of texture. I think I may someday bring her over to the dark side of modern. SHHHHH …don’t tell her.

I have so much more to share.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!




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