What Really Happened……

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I read the book.

Why do I waste my time? I Don’t know.

In all the press releases ( which I haven’t seen for myself..only read on the internet) she says she wanted an account …to let her daughter know what really happened. She also says this in the book.

I wonder why? Why would she want her daughter to know all the grisley details? I believe in being open and honest with my children….and I am not saying hide anything. But why in this format? Clearly that is not her only motivation.

I have to be honest when I say I don’t read gossip columns…even on the net. I don’t watch gossip shows.  I did in my younger days. I didn’t even know who Rielle Hunter was until I saw her on Oprah. I don’t follow politicians…unless I have to vote…and I didn’t give any care about a mistress. Honestly, in my opinion it would be more of a miracle  if there was a candidate who DIDN’T have a mistress. Or a sex tape or anything relating to that type of scandal. I think the politicians are all so crooked ….and devious or they woudn’t be in the position they are in.

However…I do pray for our country and leadership. I pray thay we get the lesser of the two evils when we are supposed to vote.  I have zero expectations of a human politician. All my eggs need to be in God’s basket. I honestly feel that way.

What piqued my interest in Rielle…was how she was on the OW show talking about inner truth and she is famous for scandal? SO I bought it hook line and sinker.

I think she wears the tiara for being the WORST life coach possible…I hardly doubt anyone will ever pay her for that (again)…clearly not a profession for her.

But what i kept thinking during the book is …really? Can she really be saying this? She kept talking about (basically) how she wanted Johnny to rise to the occasion and own his issues. Own his own life and quit catering to this facade that everyone around him was creating. Yet she doesn’t relaize that she was one of those people. She wanted him to change..she honestly thought she could change him. I still think she thinks that. She is making it clear to him that he can do whatever he wants by standing beside him …even when he violates all of her core beliefs. ( normal woman behavior)

She realizes that women don’t agree with her or like her and she gets bad press because of her actions…and she wants to defend herself..and tell the whole truth….I don’t think she made it better for herself. I think she made it worse…cause now she is a hypocrite. She also states in her book that she wouldn’t go head to head with Elizabeth because she felt that Elizabeth was a tyrant ….who constantly abused Johnny, their family and staff. She felt that emasculated Johnny. So writing a tell all book……explaining how he is a passive-aggressive man who is a perfect candidate to cheat is better?  Explaining all the faults of his staff choices, life choices and lack of commitment and that he is a really good liar …that is apparently not emasculating in any way?? I am shocked at her logic.

If this were really an account for their daughter….should she be pointing out the faults of her father?

I am so different than that.

I am divorced….I share 3 boys with my ex-husband. We didn’t divorce because things were happy, we divorced for un-happy ones. However…..I can choose to focus on the bad parts of their dad or the good. I don’t talk bad about him.  As teenagers they will recognize some traits they don’t like in him ( maybe I don’t like those particular ones either) …but I just ask them why they feel that way…and validate them. But I am certainly not going to label them all out and document them for them. They need to see their dad in  their own way..and come to realizations about all of us (parents) in their own time. They don’t need a tell all book about our relationship. I almost think that would be cruel to all of us involved.

The re-occurring excuse\reason that she gives for continuing on…is the chemisty that she shares with Johnny. Really? Someone who denies her, her child…..let’s his staff claim their child as his own for the sake of his career? A career I might add that was just a sinking ship from day one of this book. I guess, I just don’t get it.

I am so jaded.


I don’t know that I would sacrifice myself, my family, my friends & the safety of my child….and emotional state of being you have to be in..to go through all of this for “Chemistry”

Then she wants to talk about her “truth” and inner tranquilty. Really? I think she is old enough to know better but she is really stumped somewhere. Honestly.  telling the events of what happened….even if they are true doesn’t make any sense for any of the reason’s she gives. It’s all money motivated…which feeds into the money hungry mistress image she wants to trash or defend.

So …I would say don’t waste your money on the book.    It’s the same old story…mistress with famous guy…..wants to get married and have perfect life..it doesn’t ever work out…even if they do end up together. On and off again. But apprently she still thinks Johnny is HOT. So great we get to leave on that note.





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  1. Karin July 17, 2012 at 6:30 pm - Reply

    Charisma, you have great insight & intuition. I happened to be living in NC when all this crap was going on, and let me just say, without meaning offense to anyone, a blind man could see thru her nonsense. And his too. He was smarmy and a lying cheat for a loooong time, and his wife was anything BUT a tyrant. IMHO, she was entitled to be furious, and entitled to more than a few moments of ire. Like you, everything she did was geared toward, “how will this impact/improve my children’s lives?” If the answer was, “it won’t” well, then, it didn’t happen. A lot of people think he married her for money, and I agree. John & Reille deserve each other, as far as I’m concerned – they’re 2 of a kind.

    One can only hope that his political career has been derailed forever, but then there’s Bill Clinton, and he’s making a comeback, too. Go figure. Seems the more wrong you do, the more some of our population admire you. I’m glad & proud to be in the minority in that case! And I’m proud to be in your company, too!

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