What is Creativity?…….Experiences.

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HI Friends,

well I am kind of worn out today.
I think I am making myself work to hard…especially when I am sick. I am actually not feeling sick anymore..just tired and worn. But I am so inspired to work on things I can’t make myself stop. DO you realize that if I was still a student I would be having a full load of homework right now? Just to think about it makes me cringe. LOL
I thought I would be having withdrawal at this point. I kind of miss it in a way. But I definitely know I did the right thing.
I am glad I don’t have that hanging over my head anymore.
Now I just need to figure out what I am going to do about volunteering at the domestic violence center. Part of me thinks it would be good for me..but part of me thinks I shouldn’t fill my plate to full of other things….or I might as well have stayed in school. So back to square one right?
I am so content with everything now…hehe…I kind of don’t want to upset the applecart and do anything else. I need this time. I will wait…I will see what God wants me to do. His plans are always better.

My family didn’t contact me much today. I am surprised. They must be busy having fun. Usually Rob texts me or calls me several times during the day. I am glad they are having a good time.

I had breakfast with my quilty friends…then went to the LQS…spent the whole morning visiting and having fun. I brought home several shop quilts. I thought maybe something was happening..because it had been a week and nobody had dropped off quilts..LOL They all came in today.
I am pretty set for the week.
I finished the ones I had planned for today…and now I can work on one fo my own. It is a cute halloween quilt. Again I made it a few years ago. I put some GITD ( glow in the dark) fabrics on the back….and I wanted to use GITD thread….but it was super expensive. I wasn’t going to spend 60$ on thread for one quilt…LOL. GREAT idea……not great on the pocketbook. So I am hoping I will have that finished tomorrow so I can post pictures.

I ordered pizza for dinner. I can eat it for the rest of the weekend….Guess what? My family isn’t here so I got to order a flavor I like. Jalepenos and tomatoes. YUMMY! Nobody else has to eat it….so I got what I want that is a rare occasion. What a happy experience.

I found this quote today….I thought it suited well

‘Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That’s because they were able to connect experiences they’ve had and synthesize new things. And the reason they were able to do that was that they’ve had more experiences than other people.’
— Steve Jobs
This is so funny because people ask me all the time how I linked this or that? It’s always a combination of my experiences.

I have always told my kids..it’s not about money or where we are or what we do…It’s about our experiences.
Of course I have a story for that…I had been saying that for years to my friends..my children….and of course my children don’t ever hear what I say…but Carla ( one of my besties) went with us on vacation a few years ago ( the first time she went actually) and I was stressing about the amount of money we were spending… Carla helped us pay for the trip as a Christmas present. She told my kids..it’s all about the experiences. She smiles her cute Carla smile….Then Bryce kept saying ..Yah Mom it’s all about the experiences.

I teased Carla…Oh sure he will get the message from you…but I have been saying it for the last 10 years of his life…Carla ( she is so smart by the way ) said…Charisma ..It doesn’t matter how he got the lesson as long as he got it…..it still came from you..just not through you. LOL. Now that is a creative way to give a lesson right? Maybe I should have her tell all of them why it is important to clean their rooms..maybe they will listen to her??
Probably not.

Of course right now my room is a pig pen too. LOL

anyway….back to creative experiences….it is trial and error…it is picking up something here and there..getting inspiration from all sorts of places, persons and things….nouns.

A few years ago my counselor explained to me one of the positive sides of having such a tragic childhood ( not that it is recommended by any means..but you have to be able to see the good in all situations right?) …I had all of these traumatic events that I had to learn to deal with at some level…more than the average bear…and it has made my adult life better in a way because I can’t sweat the small stuff. When someone would walk into the shop and take 3 hours debating a color choice for their quilt..I used to think that was odd. It’s not a life or death situation….if it isn’t exactly perfect…who really cares? I take pride in my work…it’s not that it is just that life is to short to worry about things that seem pretty minor. However….it is not a minor thing to that person so I value their concerns and just go with the flow. You know? Their experiences has taught them that life isn’t to short..they can take 4 hours debating within themselves the most minor of decisions. I am the person who says…well let’s experiment with this or that because I just want to know…..it could be great it could be awful…but let’s not confine ourselves to …perfection.

My experiences taught me early on that life is not perfect..it will never be perfect.
What else have my experiences taught me?

It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. It is so easy for me to fall in love with people. Honestly. I love so many. I have been hurt many times…but I still can’t really keep people at an arms length. I won’t continually let someone hurt me…I set healthy boundaries…I can love people from afar….

My experiences have taught me that all people struggle with the same things…All people want love, to be needed and worth…or value. Those are at the root of all of us. I know the secret to that…..God. But we wall have to find out on our own what that means.

My experiences have taught me that when you set goals …..they are always attainable. In some form or fashion…expect the unexpected.

My experiences have taught me that most people are good.
My experiences have taught me that life is to short….even if you live to be 180…life will always be to short…am I right?

I have also learned that the simple things make me happy. A hug and a kind word from my Dh…a giggle from my children. I wink or a smirk from one of my sons. Singing in the car at the top of our lungs….My kids quacking with their duck beaks at the duck tour in Seattle ( driving Rob crazy LOL)..or a good book and a bath. Simple things. Cozy warm feelings.

I wouldn’t trade any of my experiences…good or bad…. they are what brought me here….

anyway it is funny how one quote can spark all of that…isn’t it?

Steve Jobs was able to explain something I have been trying to explain for the last three years. LOL

AWE…..I don’t have that much experience in writing. Explaining . So I will lean on his experience for that quote. Thanks all! I hope you all value ALL your experiences.

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    KNOW just what you mean….hugs T

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