What a Wednesday!

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Well first of all I slept in…which is unusual for me. I woke up, Clarissa was in the bath..I decided to go back and lay in bed and fell asleep. Everyone was gone by the time my eyes opened again….Bryce woke up late again as well. I don’t know I have been stressed all week and I struggled through Zumba Tuesday night…so it probably all caught up with me. I have been stressed by a few things and just on the outs lately. There are a few things I can pinpoint…others I can’t..and others I just want to deny. LOL  So tension in my body..and restless thoughts.

Tuesday night I came home and helped Bryce with his face…LOL. I had to shave his unibrow, teach him to use the zit popper and work on his face. Teenagers right? he has been avoiding it..I feel really bad for Preston he is the youngest boy and has been fighting pimples for a couple year..all the other boys  seem to be getting them at age appropriate times. Bryce is a freshman ..so that seems about right…Poor Preston is only in the 6th grade. So I have been helping him with that…nice chat huh? I am sure they would love me sharing all this. But I have to say I was actually happy that Bryce wanted my help. It made me think of when he was a little boy and we spent all of our time together. I was a single mom..all four of us would climb into my bed and read books, watch the disney channel ..we were so content.  Somewhere along the way they quit talking to you (me..the parent) about personal things…they quit cuddling and  they pull away. So even something as gross as helping him “pop” zits and teach him how to take care of  his face …makes me feel connected to him in some weird way.  It would be a bad, bad thing if our relationship didn’t change..I understand that…sometimes though, I long for those long ago days when it was appropriate for him to cuddle and say funny cute things that made my heart grow for him. Now when they say something to me, it’s usually something inapropriate to get a reaction from me. LOL  Bryce was my oldest and he had been through the roughest part of the divorce…so we kind of licked our wounds together…and made it through. I am not sure what they actually remember about those times. I kept him pretty busy in sports and activities so he wouldn’t feel the loss so much…But there was no changing anything. He has adjusted well.


Anyway….so today I got up ripped out a couple of quilts…LOL. I had a rough night tuesday. My 26 inch machine tension was acting up..I have no idea how it can be fine on one quilt and not on the next one….same thread ect. But it went whacky. SO I had to rip out half a quilt. The quilt on the small frame is a BEAUTIFUL quilt and I was auditioning designs….got it worked out now..It’s so beautiful I can’t wait to post it. Then I spent a few hours at my Dear friend Cindi’s house. She recently had surgery…( breast cancer) and found out she has to go back in tomorrow for an additional surgery …so she was a bit down.. I took her family dinner and visited for a bit.  Rough times..if you could all say a little prayer for her to have rapid healing that would be appreciated.

I came home and ate dinner with my family ( I had it all prepared for them so all they had to do was heat up a few things and cut the chicken…I have a double roaster..which is nice cause it rotates teh chicken and I can time it perfectly for dinner. ….then the kids had their first youth group meeting at church..which apparently was a success. It was the first night ….new leader, They cleaned out a new room in the church and there were 20 kids! Which is pretty amazing for our small ..small church. Our last church was a lot bigger and didn’t have that many kids. So I think once word spreads there will probably be more kids..which is pretty exciting. They also had the spread of food for the kiddos. Goodness!  My kids are uber excited to go..looking forward to next week …and they are talking about their plans..and fundraisers to get programs and activities going. It was nice to see the spark in them. I think they are excited to be “founding” members and help make the decisions. The boys are really excited about their leader..they really like him. I have to say that I love his enthusiasm and willingness to work with these kids.

OK so about 5-6 weeks ago my husband ran some update on my phone..I hate it when they do that. Cause something always goes wrong. I can operate a quilting machine, I can paint, draw, scrapbook…sew…but technology..I am defunct! So I kept getting this password code coming up on myphone…I have never put in  a passcode..so I just thought it was being dumb. LOL So I kept by passing it. Well I had gotten a few phone calsl from people asking did you get my VM? Ummm NO. Even they guy that called to tell me my furniture was in..said he had called the week before…I was like “yeah sure..lol” Well clearly there was a reason I had to put the passcode in..to get VM’s. Carla called and said that my VM box was full..I was thinking maybe it was just a glitch..LOL. See weeks go by and I still think there is a glitch in the system?? WOW!  SO I called At&T and got it all worked out..I had 6 weeks worth of VM to sort through. I felt bad because I am sure people were thinking I was avoiding them..Dang!

I try not to do that anymore. I remember when I was young..living on my own…my family would call me and leave messages. I would hardly call back cause I was far to busy. Doing what…who knows? Well I remember one time my grandpa telling me he wasn’t ever going to call me again..cause he was sick of talking to my machine and never getting a call back.  I felt terrible because ..my grandparents LOVED me unconditionally and they saved me from my life so many times as a kid. What I wouldn’t give now for the chance to have them call me….Both of my Grandpas were special to me and favored me. My grandma favors me too. I still have some of the cards they gave me..and I re-visit them sometimes….they both thought I was the best artist. they just knew I would make it someday…..to have someone believe in me was incredible…My Aunt Kristie and Gramdma were the same way. Special people.

Anyway so that little mix up tonight had me hoping that all those people would forgive me for not calling them back right away..I will try and mend fences tomorrow if so…technology is difficult for me…I have to have it..but I only know enough to get by…UGH!

Well that’s enough for tonight..it’s almost midnight…I need to answer some emails and shut down the studio. Blessings






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