Welcome November Calendar -Model Shot

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November 2020 Calendar

Welcome to November! I love November. 2 of my boys were born in November. So when I think of this month I am reminded of the many birthday parties we had during this month. There was a time when we had 20+ boys crashed on our floors ( on a regular basis) and it took days to get the house clean after such a party. I was the type of mom who just let it happen and let them have fun….the more the merrier. Thanksgiving has never been a huge even in our home. Most years we just stay in our PJ’s and enjoy a restful 4 day weekend because —quite frankly I don’t want to do anything. We have something simple like pizza or tacos. I feel like I have had to do so many events and conform to so many events having such a large family that I am tired and somethings are best to just let go and rest. I am thankful for all of my blessings. I choose to think about those daily ….rather than just one day. But I am really thankful that I no longer have to wash all of those dishes on thanksgiving.


Glory is the quilt featured for the November calendar shoot. I actually made the version featured in the calendar shoot with homespuns. So they quilted up really nice and it’s very soft and cozy. More fall like colors.

My husband came up with this idea. He bought all of the costumes and came up with the themes.

But Here’s the thing. Now he is a self proclaimed “Calendar Model” and he reminds us on a daily basis of how calendar models should be treated. ***insert Eye roll here****

If you are interested in the Glory Pattern or the calendar you can visit my ETSY shop: HERE

I thought, I would show my cute little November Gnome- Hinrik as well.

He’s a fun little guy to help welcome November….fall is such a lovely season.

I hope November finds you all well ..enjoy a up of apple cider.



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