Wednesday Februrary 15th 2012

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I have a question first..for my customers…

I was ordering myself a bolt of extra wide muslin for backings today…because I like muslin…but as I was searching through the products..I thought maybe I should start offereing extra wide fabrics for backings??

I would just offer the same thing with my battings…if I buy it, I can give you pictures of the options I have available…I get it at a wholesale price…I will sell it at a discount for my customers… ( like I do batting…I make enough to keep it in stock and pay for shipping)

Is that a good thing?? Something that would make the process easier for some?

I would like to hear feedback. I don’t want to go buy 10 bolts of extra wide fabric and have it take up storage space if it isn’t something that would be used.  I would also just like to say I will only be buying name brand fabric.  Tonals mainly. Unless something fabulous strikes my fancy.


Well yesterday I had every intention of making a post..I even have a quilt to post….but time gets away from me. How that happens everyday I have no idea..well that’s kind of a lie.  I do because I get caught up in work. My family knows how I am too..Today Preston called me 10 minutes before his parent/teacher conference….because I would have forgotten. He reminded me…he also gave me a note. Problem is..the note is in my studio~ which gets buried. The reminders that get on my desk are actually the ones that work. He didn’t get that memo. The good thing is that I had already showered and what not before he called. LOL there would be nothing as embarassing and having your mom show up in sweats, bed head and no make-up. right?

Well then I made him and Clarissa go with me to pay bills. Rob is actually home sick today as well. He has been sleeping pretty much all day. Poor guy. But I told him to stay away from me because I don’t have time to get sick..LOL. We went grocery shopping..I seem to do that a lot…IDK? This week is early release from school for confrences so my kiddos are home early each day. Which is ok until the boys start fighting…that means i get more referee time. UGH!

Tonight is youth group for the kids they are really excited…Clarissa is the only one who can’t attend cause she isn’t old enough..which chaps her hide cause she thinks she is older than all of them.

I struggled with another quilt between last night and today..I don’t know what is happening..more ripping than I have done in a year lately….Driving me bonkers and making me fall behind when things were running so smoothly. I also got a delivery today from the UPS man…a box of AMY butler fabric ..YAY! I know if a few months her new line will be released..and now the old line is being discounted..yay for me! I am just so excited!

Well I will check back later because I am getting dinner on the table for my kids & their feeds many! I have had to leave this post so many time to get this far….I think until the house is empty…I won’t get this done and I am afraid it will delete on me..LOL SO here ya go…this shall be continued………







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  1. Karin February 15, 2012 at 9:00 pm - Reply

    Hey Charisma! Happy Wednesday! Regarding the backing question – I’d surely come look to see what you had, but, truthfully, I like to see the front pieces with the backing, for color matching. I hardly ever buy fabric off the internet without at least checking for it locally first, just for color. Plus, I really liked the piecing I did on the back of my quilt, and that wouldn’t have been possible had I just bought yardage straight off the bolt from you. But, it’s kind of you to think about offering it!!

  2. Donna February 16, 2012 at 6:15 am - Reply

    I would be interested in the wide backing.

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