Wednesday 9-5-12

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Well today Rob only had to work for 4 hours so he was home at ten am. I made him breakfast and then we went tree shopping. It’s fall after all and this is the perfect time to plant trees. Plus I was hoping some would be on sale. Like good small town folk we want to support our local growers we went to a local nursery. I would have spent the extra money had the trees looked alive…but seriously they were brown. I think if I had a green thumb I may have tried them if they were cheap…..but seriously 145$ for a brown tree? I don’t think so.

So we drove 30 minutes to the nearest Home Depot. Yep! Found trees. We bought 6 blue spruces. We want to plant trees behind our back fence….I would like it to create some green, some shade andprivacy. Although we have a suburban and the trees were between 4-5 feet tall….and we had to get a refund one one because it was to big and fat to fit in the car. Rob complained the whole time. He said he would rather be at work than deal with me…because I always think everything is possible. Like fitting 6-5 foot trees in our suburban..I still think the 6th one would  have fit if I could have laid down between the trees on the ride home…but he didn’t want to try.   I think it’s one of my endearing qualities that I think everything is possible. He just doesn’t like to use his imagination. Although, I have to admit I had to use the little green clean machine on my car carpet to get the dirt out…but it’s spic & span now.

So now we have to dig 5 HUGE holes to plant these trees. I would like to get the yard in shape cause we have big plans for spring. We took down the trampoline..after 4 (5?) years of having a huge hole in our yard..we are going to make a little garden sactuary. I would like to buy things while they are being clearenced here in the fall. Rob thinks if he has days off he should rest…who needs rest?

Jeri finally got into drivers ed by the skin of her teeth. I don’t know how but she did. So hopefully that girl can get her license before she is 18! Bryce and Preston got rewarded for making their beds and having a clean room when they left for school. Carl and Cole had football practice…and Clarissa is trying to ditch math I have had to call her in from her bike a couple of times. I also forgot to get her signed up for ballet so we missed yesterday…oops. I will do that this week.

Other than that I have been working on shop quilts…I am a bit behind. of course. But my DH only gets a few days off here and there I have to take advantage of them. So tomorrow he also gets a day off and we get to go to the dump. YUCK! I hate the dump. But I would rather go so the garbage doesn’t sit in my driveway waiting for it to go. We should be all set for winter…as we have all our indoor projects done for a bit.

Well I better get back to work while the hosue is quiet…doesn’t happen every day.


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