Wednesday 1/18/12

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Hi All,
Well today I woke up to snow. It continued snowing……the kids got released from school early. I went and picked them all up….so they wouldn’t have to walk in freezing weather. Carl and Clarissa then came home and left to go sledding. However, Clarissa didn’t take her new mittens because she didn’t want them to get dirty :) She is taking them next time.

It is just crazy because the wind is blowing like nobody’s business and we have drifts could be bare in one area..but then have a 5 foot drift in another. We don’t ever really get that much will last for a week and then go away…normally it does anyway.

I ate right today….stayed within my calorie budget…Rob is suffering again. He told me yesterday in order to get back at me he bought a snickers bar at the store…well I don’t think he is getting back at me…he is making himself suffer. LOL WTG!!

Yesterday I was in the car with Clarissa..she was with me while I ran errands..and then I dropped her off at ballet. It was so cute because a song came on the radio and she started belting out the words. I mean belting them out like she forgot someone else was in the car. It cracked me up. Usually there are so many people in the car I can’t hear who is singing what…and she unfortunately isn’t as loud as my other kids. So in that moment I just wanted to melt. It was funny today too because Bryce was complaining about having to wait so long for me to come get him..he made a reference to a body part falling off..UGH! Anyway…then I said ok..”that’s just about enough..I have heard enough of your complaining”..then Bryce said “Mom if you ever want healthy grandkids..I suggest you don’t do that again..because I promise you they will fall off”..UGH! Then there was rolling laughter from the rest of the peanut gallery in the car. I swear these boys will kill me. Then Clarissa pats me on the shoulder and said mom “Don’t worry when the other kids leave and I am the only one at home life will be good….right?”
I said “yes dear that is true”…LOL Thank God she doesn’t know what they are talking about..but I am sure it won’t take long. UGH!

So then after dinner…we were all complaining because Cole likes to sagg his pants. Well he is not allowed to do that with any of his parents around…so Rob and Landon have both told him if he gets caught sagging around them they will pull his pants down all the matter where we are at. So he decided after dinner to sagg his pants and show everyone his underwear. So all of us girls were saying that is dumb..nobody wants to see your underwear. He laughed and laughed. SO I said fine ..when you sagg I am going to sagg…so I pulled down my pants and showed him my worries don’t call CPS…I wear granny panties and I am pretty sure they cover more than my bathing suit..they are just really HUGE….and not attractive..with the cottage cheese behind they are covering..funny enough he pulled up his pants right away. LOL the laughs never stop here do they? Now it’s time to get that image out of your sorry for sharing. But that’s what I do. LOL

I also worked at a the shop for a bit today…I got some backing and binding fabric for a quilt top I got by trading LAQ services…and a piece of fabric that has nothing but quotes on it…It is not really pretty but I thought it was interesting and I think I can spice it up a bit. I am just trying to decide how I am going to dress it up. I love quotes.

So I will leave you with this one today:

Hate leaves ugly scars; Love leaves beautiful ones.
Mignon Mclaughlin

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  1. Teresa S. Lowery January 20, 2012 at 8:45 am - Reply

    I am laughing so hard from this ….thanks so much I love to hear about you and your family….it is just me and so quite around here sometimes it makes my day to imagine the activity at your house..(from a just kidding but then you would probably love all of my land out here all to myself with critters that don’t talk) Wish I could see some of that snow too..( but only for alittle while…70 here today..) Blessing T

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