Wallowing…..that’s the word right?

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I am wallowing…that might actually sound like a whispy type word ….it might sound good…if I didn’t know teh meaning? Don’t you think? I thought I should look it up.

roll in something: to lie down and roll around in something

“hogs wallowing in mud” {this is me right now…lol)
indulge in something excessively: to take pleasure or be immersed in something in a self-indulgent way

“wallowed in memories of the long-gone glory days”
have huge amount of something: to have an ample or excessive supply of something

“a family wallowing in money”
walk with difficulty: to move clumsily or with difficulty
I still think one of those definitions could be a good thing don’t you? However….for me it’s something I should NOT be doing. I am dissapointed. That I should be on a flight right now..that I should be in a short few hours at quilting heaven…..seeing the sights…seeing the best quilts on earth….laughing with friends..meeting new ones..and basking in the sun.
Instead I am in my pj’s drinking a coffee {that I hardly ever indulge in}, not showered yet….and a bit wallow-eey. :)
If I look at all the blogs I follow…all those girls are at market…boo!
So last night while I was trying to keep my mind off of it all..I was trying to think of all the good reasons I was home..like when Preston called and said his BFF’s mom’s car wouldn’t start and they needed a ride…Hey I was there so I could give a ride.
Then Clarissa’s Bff needed a babysitter while her family was gone…hey I was home to offer that. {which was a good thing cause she forgot to tell me}
Then Rob went and worked out with Jack and Walt. Walt is our Pastor..Jack is another man at church..Jack is training both Walt and Rob…
Rob stepped out of his comfort zone and went to a social gathering without one of us {me or the kids}..that’s a HUGE step. If I had not been home he would have found an excuse not to go. So it’s a good thing I was home.
Since I have had my Cartwheels quilt on the small frame for several weeks now..Carl has not been able to work…so I worked on Cartwheels..while he worked on the big frame. I will finish up my cartwheels quilt today. Which I would not have done…if I didn’t already plan on not quilting  for 7 days. But since I am wallow-eey and feel like I can do a tiny thing for myself..I took a few hours last night to work on a quilt that is mine..and that I love. Frankly, I deserve it.  So Carl Finished Lori’s quilt which I will photograph and ship today.
I also checked my emails this morning { let’s face it..even if I was on vacation I would check them..I won’t even lie…that’s why I have an I-phone} but I thought this was a great quote…Kathy in Texas sent it to me:

‘You have enough quilts made when your soul is  filled, your creativity satisfied and your fingers just won’t work  anymore.’

How true is that?

Then I found out that my airfare won’t be refunded to me…which I suspected but since it’s a family ER…if my Grandma’s Surgeon will send me a note { which they already did}….they will give me a ticket to use within  the next 12 months to anywhere. Yahoo!

So this morning I was dreaming about a magic vacation Rob & I could go on..by ourselves. We have never been on a vacation by ourselves. I always feel guilty if we don’t take the kids. I always back out of those trips because I think we will have plenty of time when they leave. The closer we get the more I realize they will never leave. So we should go while we can enjoy it. LOL So I was looking at all these hot,palmy places….then I texted Rob. He said we should go to Ireland.

Yes! I would love that.

We just met missionaires from Ireland….and I would love to go there anyway. My grandpa was born there. It would be like finding a bit of my roots. We could do some missionary work…..We could vacation as well. We could see so much history….and we also found out they serve two different potato dishes at each meal….seriously? Can we say heaven? LOL I love potatoes……but two of my kids refuse to eat them..so we eat lots of rice around here. Who knows what will happen?…..but at least it occupied my mind while my friends were boarding their {our} flight.

While I was driving Preston home yesterday after delivering his BFF home..he said “Mom, I am sorry you have to skip your vacation ….it’s ok.”

Me: Yeah I know. Family is more important. I hope when I am old..one of you will be with me….so I won’t ever be alone.

Preston: You know mom I can’t get that verse out of my head that the missionieres gave us. 

  “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us”

I have to say I knid of teared up.

I said : Yes, Ephesians three twenty

Preston: I forgot the citation…but the verse stuck with me all day.

Me: It’s a good one…and that’s all thats important{the citation isn’t}. It’s so true. God has done more than I could have imagined for myself. 

Well just need a bit of perspective right? I have it all right here. No excuse to be wallow-eey. But you know this never lasts long with me… I will be back to my old self later today. I just know it.

On my desk….I keep a verse that just really spoke to me a few months back..and I just wanted a reminder of it….funny how it’s Ephesians 3:16. “I pray that out of his glorious riches he may stregthen you with power through his spirit in your inner being” Yep…it’s a good one for today.


So the missioneires that came to town are actually from our Central WA area…he pastored a church for several years in our district. Then he got the call to be a missionary. It seemed the obstacles were great..But God made it all happen and very quickly. I have to be very honest and say…Ireland didn’t seem like a mission feild? Right? It’s not like I keep up on everything in the world…but usually I think of Haiti or Africa…you know?

So anyway..this is pretty interesting. 10 years ago 90% of Ireland were Catholic. Of that 90%….90% attended mass every Sunday. Those are great stats right? The church was involved in all forms of politics….community ect.   Well when the sex scandals came out….the Irish population got very wounded by the church and only 15-20% now attend mass. The older population {mostly} that have been doing this their whole lives. 

Then Ireland had the same finance drop that we had….and 20% of the island is now unemployed. Not only that..sales tax is 23%, Gas is 8$ a gallon and everyday living expenses are outrageous. So you are dealing with lots of stress and unhappy people. These are lost people with a void because they are wounded by religion. 

The mere mention of missionary or building a church……turns people away. So they don’t say they are there for any reason. This is a long term mission feild because you really have to just love people, become part of them and show them the light of Christ. By your actions. By displaying Christ. I would love that type of mission work. I know it would be stressful to be rejected all the time. It would be stressful finding your niche. You don’t get instant results or gratification……but really even if you don’t ever see it the results could be forever lasting. When you teach people to have a relationship with Jesus…a personal relationship. When they have to examine their beliefs and relaize they have been in religion….and you see Jesus free them? Pretty  amazing!  I am one of those people that thinks there are saved people everywhere….{just like entertaining angels unaware}…I think you can walk into any church anywhere and there will be saved and unsaved people.  I love people…and I think this would be good work for me. But I have to wait for my call…if that’s what is in store for me.

So anyway those have been my experiences the last 24 hours….my thoughts. 

I just want to say thank you to all of you who are praying….I apprecaite it! Thank you for all your kind words…many blessings! 





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