Virginia’s Modern Bubbles

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OK so I posted yesterday about how Virginia makes me fabulous labels in exchange for using my long arm..well she came over today…Today was a good day. she brought her quilt top to our breakfast meeting and asked us for our opinions on a modern design..I told her about this fabulous new board I got from Loricles……called Bubbles.

Wow! I just love it! I have been dying to use that board on something and I am so glad she used it! Her quilt looks fabulous! This is the perfect design for it.

I also bought a few other boards..the ZIg-ZAG, The clam shell..and I already had spirals, cosmos, baptist fan and the crosshatching. Honestly I can’t use a pantograph…but I can use these boards with ease…they are great for those designs that are difficult to freehand like circles.

I have several of the boards….



~baptist fan

~clam shells





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