Valentines Tablerunnerby Linda in Australia

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Well Linda and I have been working together since last July she had me quilt this beauty  Honestly, I loved that quilt. I loved all the asian accents and I had such a great time quilting it.  I didn’t want to send it back home, I was so proud of it! So many hands worked on it ..I had felt this HUGE amount of pressure to make it SHINE! That kind of pressure is sometimes good for us!

Anyway Linda and I also happen to be swap partners for the Valentine Tablerunner swap …so I got mine in the mail from her today…along with other great deliveries today! It’s been an exciting day!


Butr she did all these little letters in foundation piecing…I must be so special for her to do that for me!  Some people get a bit worried about being partnered with me on swaps because they don’t want to quilt anything for me..LOL That always makes me feel a bit sad because honestly I don’t judge..I LOVE everything that is made for me…and this is no exception. I love the words, and personalizing of our names on the runner.

Another fun fact about Charisma:

I grew up with an unusual name …which I hated. I named my kids all normal names because I didn’t want them to go through life with a “different ” name. But I hated when I was a kid that I couldn’t ever have anything personalized …like everyone else. SO when my kids were little I bought so many “personalized” items for them because it just seemed so much more special to me that it was meant for them…or supposed to be would never need a label maker right? SO I love personalized and monogrammed items. It’s just a funny, weird Charisma thing.


But I n one of teh borders of this quilt Linda quilted this “Let everyday be Valentines day forever”….How sweet is that? VERY SWEET!

Thanks Linda..I love my Runner!

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