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I have been so looking forward to vacation.

My kids are home.  I mauled about half of them as they were coming through the door yesterday as it was their last day of school for winter break. Grades are beings stressed right now because when they get back it’s basically a week (or two) before the end of semester. So I have been hammering down on them to get everything done. Education is so important. I feel like I am banging my head against a wall sometimes. They should be the one worrying about it…not me. I know they want to rest…but this is high school and they need this foundation.

This is my week for meal delivery. I have been delivering to a couple families.. it feels so nice to bless people. :) The boys have been taking turns making the desserts. It’s nice to work with them.

This is a stressful time of year money wise…for everyone. I took some time off…I am taking more time off. It’s the time for giving and we just got a load of extra medical bills. Not to mention I have to buy a new windshield because Carl broke it last week. Why does it always happen that way? Why can’t we just have one thing at a time happen? Instead you get a flood of everything at once. Plus Rob is starting physical therapy so we will have more bills. Such is life.

I have also had some other small things that are out of my control…but they pile up and amount to something bigger than they need to be.

So I have been sitting here overwhelmed by everything not really enjoying my break. So why am I letting evil rob me of my joy? I need to snap out of this and choose JOY!  This is just life and what happens in everyday life. I need to get organized …quilt burying my head in the sand and just leave it at the foot of the cross. It’s so easy to get buried. Isn’t it? I need to pray some more and get centered….get on the plan. I will feel better.

I only have a few days before we leave for our Christmas festivities. I am not even ready. Presents aren’t all wrapped….I am going to focus on that. I am also going to get some hand sewing projects ready so I can keep busy while I am gone.

I am gifting 5 quilts to a close family of ours. 1 dad and 4 kids. 3 of them are finished. I finished piecing one last night and loaded it on the frame the other one will be done as soon as I finish I am going to get them quilted and bound…attach labels. Last week I was thinking it may not be possible and I might just give up. Now it’s pretty much done….and I feel pretty good that I can do this! I make this plan every year for family friends..God lays it on my heart who I should gift quilts too….and it always works out …at the last minute. LOL Always by the skin of my teeth. I am so glad he gives me the strength to keep on-keepin on.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend as we near our Savior’s Birth.












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