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I just updated my sale Items page..I found many other items I could sale……I know, I am a haorder…most of these things are from early Charisma Days..and they just haven’t found homes..or I felt they weren’t good enough…now I might as well give them homes if it will help benefit Haiti.

I also have this From Virginia: Virginia Cole is Owner of Galloping Pony Studios. She works in Miniatures…and has been featured in several magazines. This little quilt set was featured in another magazine awhile back..they Introduced it again in the May/June 2012 edition this year as well…She gave me the original set…so this is THE quilt featured in the magazine..you also get the magazine.  I am asking 75$. Please check out the “Sale Items” for the other listings. 100% of the proceeds go to benefit my mission to Haiti…anything else will be donated to Haiti while I am there.  Thank you!



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