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Today I have not been able to concentrate. I have not been able to really digest the ramifications of all that is going on. The story gets worse the more I know.

They caught a third perpetrator today. I had assumed that the rapists they called in were guys. It almost seems worse..but the rapists were women as well. I also found out the girl they did this too was only 16. Only 4 years older than my sister’s oldest child, her daughter. I am stunned. My sister had her bail hearing today. 100 grand was her amount. As far as I know…nobody has put up ten grand for her to get out. good. They shouldn’t let her out. Not only is she a sex offender and a kidnapper but it was to a child!

I pray for this victim and hope that she can find peace and heal. I hope this is also her wake up call to get out of drugs rather than make her sink further in. I also pray for the innocent children still involved and hope they get the help and care that need and deserve. I hope they can get placed in a  healthy environment.

My sister has an unusual name so anyone that knows who my sister is …has been calling. I am not ashamed. I didn’t do anything wrong. She did.

I also won’t let my past define me…I certainly won’t let my families current behavior define me either.

I saw her on the news today. My kids and I were glued to the TV waiting for the update today….when we saw her….my kids said “Wow that is what she looks like now?” I just said yes. All I could think about were the countless times I bathed her, dressed her, braided or curled her hair. Her cute button nose as a child…and her funny laugh. Her crazy blonde hair and all of the things we did as children. We were 6 years apart in age….and I left before her teen years. But we shared a room until then. I remember the innocent part of her before the drug demon set in…..I  remember when she was pretty.   Those are long gone days. Now she is a pedophile. I hope she gets the treatment that she needs, I hope she finds God….maybe prison is the refining fire she needs.

Thank you all for your added prayers, words of encouragement and for listening. I won’t be dwelling on this..it’s not healthy. But Today was a day that I knew I could get nothing accomplished waiting for the news ….and reading the updates.

I hope you all can recognize the blessings you have in your own personal storms.




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  1. HouseDragon May 1, 2013 at 3:59 pm - Reply

    You are in my prayers.

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