Update Since Last Update

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Some things I have done and have not yet shared:

~experimented in the kitchen ..made a dish that I can fine tune and try again. I was trying to use several things that needed to be used…and i think I did pretty good at throwing a few things together. I do it all the time but usually in a safer way. Tonight it was new territory. Pretty good.

~watched “Sister Wives”…you know my guilty pleasure. Clarissa is also excited that it is back on…so she moved a chair into studio to watch with me.

~ Watched Breaking Amish for the first time. Trying to decide if I want to add this to my playlist. LOL

~ potluck at church. YUMMY.

~Dinner with friends.

~movie with Clarissa Despicable Me 2. So cute..I even shed a tear at the end.

~Finished a few quilt tops

~Quilted countless quilt tops

~ inhaled a bunch of bug spray. Now I am convinced I am going to get cancer and it will be all of the ants (that have invaded my territory.) FAULT! We love on an ant hill..and we keep spraying the inside and out of the house…and the kids went to the pool and must have gotten ice cream or something on their towel  and picked up ants…not realizing it they left it in the car…. My suburban was invaded by ants. I was going to have a heart attack. I started spraying like crazy and now I am sure I am toxic. So if I get sick at least I know it’s not a virus it’s all that spray i inhaled..because of course I couldn’t just leave the space to air out…..I had to keep checking to see if they were gone. I am a bit obsessive about that.

It seems as if my life is pretty boring and that I don’t do enough? I cant think of anything else?

Other than that I also want to check in with my “Double Delighters”

Monday was the beginning of our next step. We need to start working on our 120 Square in a squares. after these two weeks..we will be going easy making 9 patches…so I am excited to see it all come together. Send a pic of you are working away. I can’t wait to see.



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