Update on GK

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Well Yesterday I had grimm news to start off…I spoke with Kary. She said that the nurse told her it would be today that they would take the tube out…and that GK would probably be in CICU until Monday.

Then Kristie called and said they took tube out and GK was talking. GK actually called me…and we spoke. AWE!

Then this morning they had to put her back on C-pap because lungs aren’t cooperating. That is all I have gotten so far….oh just got another update. They think by tomorrow they can take C-pap off and move her to a regular recovery room. If that is the case she may be able to come home next week YAHOO!  Then the real work will begin. The highlight of her night { last night} was getting to watch the finale of Dancing with the Stars. Honestly, I thought it was fabulous! I really thougth Katherine had it in the bag…but I was hoping Donald would win! I think it is that whole dramatic passionate thing he had going on…but underneath was all that vulnerability. Not to mention HOTT! WOW!   LOVED this last season! But I did see in the upcoming season they will have ALL Stars! So that could be pretty fabulous as well!

Anyway…..Have to go





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