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I am happy to announce that I have made some progress. YAHOO!

UFO list:

1. 3-D Christmas trees ( 2 years old)  I get to mark this off cause I passed it on for a trade. I got the pattern and bought the fabrics because I loved one that I quilted for a customer..and she offered to piece it for me..since I only have a practice block made. :) It’s been sitting on my cutting counter for 2 years….well probably 2.5 now…if we are going to be honest.



1. Quilt tops that just need to be quilted – I have finished one that has been sitting in the bin for over a year. I have two bins of unquilted quilt tops right now. 

2. 9 patch a day …I’ve actually finished all I need and used all of my 2.5 squares in my scrap bin( YAY!) but thinking I should make another commitment to make these using my 5 inch charms from my scrap bin? There are some really cute quilts using them. But I do need to make my quilt for the 9-patches I have made…probably a few quilts. :)

3. My 3-D bird quilt…these were birthday blocks from my quilt group for 2012. I think I have figured out what I am going to do with this…so it’s just a matter of getting it done.

4. My crazy quilt….I am not sure that this will get accomplished this year because it requires a lot of hand work.

5. My Felted Women wall hanging

6. my Crab Apple Hill “Over the woods” The embroidery is always being worked on but I haven’t even started the blocks

7. Dear Jane

8. My colorful trees. I started these cool trees a few years ago that use a specific fabric. I really need to get these done.

9. I also have various embroidery projects that I started 10 years ago… they are completely not anything in my style now but I just can’t let anything go…so I will have to work on them as well.

10. My Autumn wool BOM…I have only one block finished.

OK well I was able to knock a few off from the last one..YAY! Only 10 left! This seems FABULOUS! just to get it down to ten! But of course they are the last ten( most of them) that are also the most time consuming. So I won’t be knocking these out anytime soon. I don’t have that far to go on my “Over the woods quilt” and I really want to work on my Felted Women wall hanging. So I am sure those will be next. Summer is coming and I will have plenty of down time..by the pool, in the car and we won’t be spending so much time at the church because Friday nights will be over for a few months. Which means I will have plenty of time for hand work.


Last week I had listed several…..I finished the scrappy 4 patch quilt and the borders. AHHHH! Feels good to clear my counter of those things. I even pieced backs for a couple of quilts that I have finished.  As soon as I get a quilt top finished or come back to me…I like to get the backing cut and sewed and wrap it up with cut binding strips so when I am ready to quilt I don’t have to hold up the process. I feel like I am always buying backing fabric. Sometimes I will piece several from my stash….but if I can get a good cut out of the clearance bin at my shop..I go ahead and buy it.

I also worked on my “Easy Street” quilt It’s coming along. Can’t wait to finish it up. Feel good to piece something with so many pieces and watch it unfold in from of you eyes. It’s been a while since I have been able to do that. It’s nice to have some success…and feel accomplished. I have been trying to finish old projects, work with my scraps ect. I haven’t been able to sit down and see something come from nothing in awhile. nice feeling. I finished the center I just need to add borders: IMG_4596 IMG_4597 IMG_4598 IMG_4599

Wish list

This grows daily.

I shared some I want to make with you last week…..but the other thing that occupies my cutting table is planned projects. these are wish list items that I have pulled a pattern and fabric for at some point and decided “I will one day make this.” Kits if you will. Do you know how many of these I have? countless. I say countless because I refuse to count. I refuse to count because it’s just better for me to be in denial. For several reasons. So I have plenty of “kits” that need to be pieced as well. One of them is a pretty simple bargello I probably pulled the fabrics for 4 years ago? I pulled them out and started looking at them..I got them all from my stash..so I changed a few out. I think I can whip this quilt out pretty quickly and put another kit in it’s place..LOL. So I am thinking about it.


I hope you all are making progress in whatever areas you are hoping to..I hope you are all feeling a bit of success and cleaning out your closets. It’s spring time after all.

Our church is having a yard sale the weekend after Easter. My family is cleaning out our things. Jeri is sorting her things out…what does she want to toss, donate, keepsake ( storage) and what does she want to take with her to her new home? Just one more step towards leaving the nest. it’s a good time to think about cleaning out, organizing and new beginnings. We all got a new beginning when Jesus died for us.   Just something to contemplate . I hope you have a blessed week.





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