UFO’s and WIP’s of 2019

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I have been dreading this…it’s almost the first of the year and typically in January I will list all of my UFO’s and what I want to complete.

But I can say that this year I really didn’t make a lot of progress on my UFO’s. I have been so busy with my pattern business that I haven’t worked on much of anything besides my own designs as samples. I have finished a few things here and there….but mostly just samples, cover quilts and magazine work.

But also the good thing is that I haven’t created a bunch of UFO’s either. I only have a few WIP’s as well. Mainly all of those are applique or embroidery quilts.

I have also been sewing scrap quilts. I know that seems crazy! But as I have been working on samples sometimes I create these great scraps and I can’t help myself but to just complete a scrap quilt every now and then because they are there calling to me. I have been sewing a lot of small quilts using those scraps. As soon I get binding on them I will probably list them in my Etsy Shop. I am a scrap quilter at heart….I love them. They are freeing and I feel like I get to make something from nothing…even though we all know it’s not nothing.

Sometimes I just have to create something that isn’t pre-designed. You know? When you design a quilt to sell you have to be able to show all of the steps and you have to show it in the colors that you design it. Sometimes I just need to play and see what the fabric says to do in the moment and then let it reveal itself. It’s like painting on a blank canvas and letting it take the journey that it needs to take….I just have to do that sometimes even if it’s just using scraps in a simple afternoon.

In the next few weeks I am going to look to see what kind of UFO’s I actually have…I can’ only think of 4 right now. I will se what I can complete….and make my list. I gotta keep with the tradition and see if I can make any progress.

What is a tradition that you do for the new year> ?


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