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IMG_4702 IMG_4703 IMG_4713OK So I have been working on some projects and quilting at the same time. But I had gotten a bit behind on my quilting and worked on that several days without sewing. But late Sunday night when I hit a wall with quilting…I decided I should get my bird blocks out and start looking through my stash of fabrics. I had an idea of how I was going to set it. But while searching through my fabrics I found this fabulous bird print…all of these precious birdies in hanging cages. I had two yards.IMG_4710 IMG_4711 IMG_4712 I know my birds aren’t in cages..rather they are on branches, twigs and limbs. But that’s OK. I also usually go all out on color and everything is bright and in your face. I really struggled with going low volume. I wanted that, so that my birds would stand out most. I fussy cut my bird fabric to create sashings, and I only had 6 blocks ( well 7 actually but one is currently traveling around the USA getting rounds added). All the girls in my small quilt group made these for my birthday last year..and they have been hanging in my studio waiting to be put into a quilt.  IMG_4709 IMG_4708 IMG_4707 IMG_4706 IMG_4705 IMG_4704I actually think this is really cute…but it’s going to be so much better after I breathe life into it by quilting it. It’s going to be fun. :) So good news is that I get to know another off my UFO list! Love that kind of progress!

1. Quilt tops that just need to be quilted – I have two bins of unquilted quilt tops right now. I have made some progress on this…..I haven’t photographed them yet. Waiting for Beth to bind them.

2. 9 patch a day …I’ve actually finished a a HUGE moda bakeshop quilt using tons of my 5 inch squares ..I sorted out all of my bright novelty type prints & made a quilt using 9 patches. SO yes…more progress.

3. My 3-D bird quilt…these were birthday blocks from my quilt group for 2012. I think I have figured out what I am going to do with this…so it’s just a matter of getting it done.

3. My crazy quilt….I am not sure that this will get accomplished this year because it requires a lot of hand work.

4. My Felted Women wall hanging

5. my Crab Apple Hill “Over the woods” The embroidery is always being worked on but I haven’t even started the blocks

6. Dear Jane

7. My colorful trees. I started these cool trees a few years ago that use a specific fabric. I really need to get these done.

8. I also have various embroidery projects that I started 10 years ago… they are completely not anything in my style now but I just can’t let anything go…so I will have to work on them as well.

9. My Autumn wool BOM…I have only one block finished.

It’s really getting down to the serious time commitment projects isn’t it?  I think I need to work on my DJ quilt. I keep getting her out and looking at it…I will also be working on my Crab Apple hill project this week. I am going out of town and I will take that to work on as a hand project. So yes..more progress…time in the car warrants hand work.

So I feel pretty good about this list. I am also making progress with my “kit” issue. I have been sorting and working trying to knock out my endless supply of kits. By trading quilting for them or disassembling them or piecing them up myself. There are some I just bought because they were on sale for an incredibly good deal. I didn’t care for the pattern so much but the fabric is nice…so I just decided to go outside of the box and take them out of the kits they were intended for and put the fabs in my stash or plan a new project for them. kind of freeing.

I hope you are making the type of progress that makes you feel accomplished.

Have a great day!





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  1. Karin April 9, 2013 at 9:47 pm - Reply

    Charisma, if you have a kit with fabrics & patterns, I’m happy to piece it for you (and won’t even take a whole year & a half!). I almost have something ready to send you anyway – no hurries on the quilting. I just have to figure out how to make those inside sashings & cornerstones, then put ’em on & add a border, and it’ll be ready for you to bring it to life. It’s big blocks, all from HST’s, kind of from a kit. (If you don’t count the fact that I made up the color combos, added a different color, removed a color & switched up the pattern the HST’s made, it’s just like the pictures that were in each baggie.)

    Let me know if you want to send me something & need my address again, I’d be honored to do piecing for you!

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