Typical Friday

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You know there is always something about fridays that make them special right?

I mean when we were kids it was the end of our week..two days of freedom. When I was in grade school there was 2 fridays a month when we could get buttered popcorn for ten cents a bag. I know 10 cents right? It was the PTA’s biggest fundraiser..it was really the best popcorn on earth and you could smell it..they were cooking it right after lunch until the bell rang after school. You actually had to pre-order and pay for it by Thursday. I LOVE popcorn..Bryce shares the same popcorn love that I do..we always have..kettle corn or buttered popcorn..I am sure one of my lower cheeks is probably a result of popcorn.

I have mostly worked jobs that were Monday through Friday as well ..and Friday is the BEST work day..it was casual Jean day in ( all) the offices I worked… so just to be comfortable in your jeans in the office was special treat…right? When they were having charity drives they would let us pay 3$ to wear jeans on a different day…we all paid the 3$ to wear our own jeans.

So even though I work at home…all my days run together there is always something special about Fridays…during the winter hours my DH has fridays off..that’s nice ( most of the time) , I have breakfast with my quilty friends..that makes fridays special…but I think the buzz when the kids get home is really the right vibe. Their energy is really contagious. But they all left..I was by myself for a few hours tonight..Rob took the boys to Ritzville to meet their dad. Jeri had a church function, Carl and Clarissa went to the Geuther’s. Thatdoesn’t happen often..and admittedly all I did was work…lol.   But hey if I wanted to run around the house nude, dancing to Footloose..I could have…you never know?? But I spared myself that kind of personal humiliation…quilting is so much safer.

I also realized that by Sunday I will be able to put on another one of my own quilts..which is super fabulous because I should only work on my own stuff on Sundays..I keep saying I will do that so it’s not technically “work” and I should treat myself. But I get stressed and make myself work….I keep trying to tell myself that my inbox will never be empty..I will always have work to do..whether it’s quilting, paperwork, paying bills, or cleaning….but it calls my name and I can’t stop it. LOL So I am going to try and commit to that. But I have a plan for a certain quilt and I am excited to work on it. I also need to quilt a bargello I made for my Grandma like two summers ago. I would like her to be able to use it someday.

I have to say I ate poorly today. ugh! ( confession)


But I did get lots of work done today I was so proud of myself..I even quilted a baby quilt that i made this week….I will post pictures tomorrow. I love it when I feel productive…and I accomplish everything I set out to do and more…another blessing  for me this week!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


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