Turquoise and Brown Sampler by Judi

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Judi has sent me a few quilts now…..Her trees from earlier today and also this beautiful  sampler from a  few weeks ago….Now this beautiful Sampler. the color combo is so striking. I never tire of Turquoise and brown…Do you know the number one selling Vera Bradley purses were made with this Color Combo? ( well at the time….but it must still be pretty popular if they have kept it around)  I actually bought it when it first came out..in the hipster style. I liked the old hipster style…then they went and changed it…anywho!

So Judi gave me freedom to quilt this how I wanted…I had fun. I always love samplers because I can change quilting from each block….everything else I just made different designs within each area..lines, stipple, loops, Charisma Curls and swirlie feathers. It all in there! Fun right?


I love her back..she pieced all the extra fabrics she had to make the back which is always fun to me. No scraps ( or not many) and it’s like having two quilts with one.

10 Points to anyone who can guess who’s hand is in the picture..LOL

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  1. Sabrina January 31, 2012 at 9:12 am - Reply

    beautiful turquoise and brown quilt and the border quilting is amazing! I think it is Clarissa’s hand.

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