Tuesday Tidbits

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Yesterday was a blur.

I had all these great intentions. But so many things didn’t go my way. LOL. Yeah one of those days. Thread issues….which gets in the way of my motivation. So I didn’t meet my own personal goal or get any computer work done. :)

That’s ok. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles….right?

I woke up early because Clarissa has writing club on Monday mornings. Mondays is usually a late start day for us. The school start an hour later every Monday so there aren’t any inservice days for the teachers. It works out better for daycare and what not. I think it heps with the kids adjusting to the week so they get more time Monday morning. However, writing club starts early…so Clarissa and I have to get up. I think it’s a good thing for her. I think she was disappointed because she didn’t make it into the “Highly Capable” group. Which is the group of geniuses….Preston was in that group. Clarissa has different strengths….but I think she so looks up to her brother. Which is good….but her gifts are different. I am ok with that, I like her the way she is…most of the time. LOL

I looked up grades on the Internet yesterday……everyone is doing well except the oldest two. Bryce is on the edge..with two C’s…not punishable…but still gets the warning of ” you better try a bit harder”…Jeri on the other hand …..UGH! She is lucky there was interference on her mid term report cause there was an F on it. Currently she has a D and a C-. She is grounded. She is a senior and she has been struggling with all of her responsibility. She is doing a job shadow for her senior project right now…tonight is last day. She also has driver’s Ed……and homecoming last weekend. So there have been to many distractions. She is the type of kid who can’t have all of that or something will give…usually her grades. I am not really sure how she is gonna make it on her own? I know I have to let go and let God. But I just have the sick feeling about college. She has a full-ride if she gets good grades. She doesn’t realize how blessed she is…..and  I have to let go…cause in 6 months she will be 18 and legally an adult? who says? LOL   Oh well…..this is the cycle of life right? What I think is funny is that she is getting to the age where she needs to start doing some self reflecting. I think everyone does this at different ages. But she has had a friend recently that has been giving her the cold shoulder. She finally emailed her to ask her what was going on…this friend told her that she was to ” Needy and demanded too much attention”. I kind of chuckled…but didn’t say anything. Then she wanted to talk to me about it again this last weekend….so I explained in a way that she might be able to understand that she is those things. Not in a rude or demeaning way..it’s just her personality. I asked her to take herself out of our family and just look at the kids in our house that demand attention…..she knew which ones…and I said which group do you think you are in? …she didn’t get it. But that’s ok. Someday she might.

Bryce has been trying really hard to keep his nose clean. he wants to play basketball..so he is doing his homework…trying to keep up his grades. Making his bed, cleaning his room and keeping up on his chores. I see a real effort. That is so nice because it’s so much more difficult when they fight you. LOL

However, Cole is struggling with hormone surges. Good grief. I am getting more gray hair by the day. Yesterday he had a complete meltdown and started a fight with anyone in his path. Over what? Laundry. Yes. Laundry. I wish there was something could do about this…unfortunately we just have to suffer through it. Preston is the youngest boy…and involved in many fights. Last weekend I told Rob that Bryce. Cole and Preston should be renamed the “Bickersons”…..then he said well they should be the “Bickertons” while the other three should  be named the “lazysons” …the three fighters are better about doing their chores..while the other three aren’t.

Carl didn’t get home from football until 11 pm last night…most of his games are away games….and Mondays are rough. I am not sure he really likes it. Kind of overwhelming. He likes routine and rest. But he is committed. I just wonder if he has any friends on the team at all? It’s hard to tell? I offered to take some kids home last night and he didn’t want me to…he just wanted to get home? he as probably just tired..or to social(ed) out. This is the last full day of processing for Rob. It will be nice to have him home. It will be sad not to have the fuller paychecks…but it’s that time of year….we will adapt.

I only have 3 weeks until I leave for Haiti..well actually 20 days now. I am experiencing all the feelings…..that I should. Tomorrow I leave for MQX. I  feel a bit vulnerable about that…of course. It’s kind like the first day of school…..You don’t really know what to expect..but you are excited to see, make new friends and learn.

So I will keep you all updated.

have a great Tuesday!


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