Tuesday Jan 15

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Well Things have been moving along.

When I was a young mom…no money I was so blessed because My (ex) husbands grandparents took care of my children during the day and accepted pennies for payment ( and that was difficult to pay)…they took such good care of my kids ….I will forever be grateful.

When I moved to Ephrata, Married Rob we had a 6th child and could barely afford childcare. Rob’s had a church family here and through those connections we had a friend that watched Clarissa and she did such a great job with her and again accepted pennies from us as we couldn’t afford much. What a blessing.  So now I am in the position to be that caretaker and offer childcare at a discount.

A single mom at church who is working and going to school need someone to watch her girl for a few hours each morning. I am gladly and willingly accepting that position. One reason is because I feel the need to pay it forward. God creates that in our lives …opportunities. Second is that it is fulfilling a need within me. Laura is a sweet little girl. She is so adorable and I just can’t imagine having a bad day with her. She LOVES the animals. Princess our normally grouchy cat has received more  love the last few days that she ever has…she is handling it well..honestly. I thought today she would run and hide the minute she saw Laura…but I think she is calming down in her old age. I had to take Brodie to the vet the last couple of days and You should have heard Laura squeal with delight when I put Brodie in the car. {cute!} When we got to the vet Laura lunged at every animal that came in the door… thank goodness there weren’t any biters or aggressive animals. I forget what it’s like to worry about little ones so much. It doesn’t take long before you get back into toddler mode. Brodie hasn’t been feeling well, seizures..a bit of incontinence …hopefully he just has a UTI or something. But he had an accident in the car after they cathed him for  a sample…..yuck! Thank goodness for vinyl…and he didn’t get any on the carpet.

Then I took Laura to the quilt shop. She was so behaved. I even told her she could walk around and look at things..she wouldn’t. She stayed right next to me the whole time. She is so well behaved. I miss having a little one…and she is the perfect remedy. God has perfect timing.

Beth and I went to lunch..she brought me 4 quilts bound and ready for snuggling. I sent her with probably 4 more. LOL That’s why I have to buy her lunch..keep her happy so she will continue doing my handwork. SO nice.

This is also my week for meal delivery. So we have been cooking away around here. I actually like meal delivery week.

The women’s bible study last night was AMAZING! We have such a good group of ladies. Honestly, I feel like we have already bonded so closely and we can share freely. There are no issues or a bad feelings. The lesson was based on Rebekah. There is lots to learn of Rebekah. But we all focused on what our greatest strength and weakness’ are and how we can falter even after we have great faith. This next week is Leah. I was so excited about Last nights lesson I have already started with Leah. I already know I will love her as well. This study gives you more insight and focus’ on certain aspects…so you don’t just study the story..you study the characteristics and qualities. It’s beautiful.

The verse to remember:

For you created my inmost being;
you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful,
I know that full well.

Pslams 139: 13-14

I hope you all are blessed. I hope you all know that you need to love yourself as God created you. It’s hard to believe when we have that internal dialogue…but honestly little by little as you grow in faith it goes away. We have to replace that talk with God talk. I didn’t know that I could ever do it…and I find myself in this place of becoming healthier…..it’s such a beautiful place to be.  All the pain I feel happens for a reason and I can’t beat myself up for the way God created me to be. I love fully and easily….I have empathy and I am a caretaker. In my weak times I beat myself up for letting myself get hurt…but it is better to be the me I am supposed to be than hide and shut myself off. God will always comfort me.

I pray that you all are finding your path in this journey and gain peace with yourself.



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