Tuesday 03-12-13

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Hi Friends,

Well today I was dragging. I am still trying to meet my daily “work” goals and I am struggling. As soon as I get to the computer desk I forget why I even came here. Then I remember when I walk back upstairs. Drives me bonkers.

Yesterday I worked a bit, tried to get back into the swing of things. I am battling a cold right now and sleep has not been kind to me. I forgot to take some nyquil last night…which I am sure didn’t help me any. *guess what I won’t forget tonight?*

We had a church meeting last night…another long one that lasted until 11:00 pm at night. It’s all very sad. Our congregation is small…..but it has quadrupled in size since our pastor joined the church 15 months ago. The church was very unhealthy for a long time…and all 12 of it’s members tried to keep it going..but some of them are immature unhealthy Christians..and it’s hard for them to see the changes that are happening.  Whenever there is change there is growth…and when there is growth there are hardships. I think whenever you deal with issues of the heart there is always going to be trouble and strife. There is a particular couple that are trying to divide the church and get the pastor canned.  I have to say we are not in their camp. I think it’s sad that a few unhappy people have to ruin it for the whole congregation…I know these issues happen in every place of human gatherings. But I feel God’s house needs to be a comfortable place of worship. I think people need to be careful what they ask for…they asked for a strong leader of this church..they get one and suddenly they want a “preacher boy” who just answers yes to everything and doesn’t actually lead. So as a congregation we all came together to defend our fearless leader and  try to make peace and unity. However, I think this one couple doesn’t believe they are doing anything wrong, they don’t accept responsibility and they would rather be voted out than just bow out gracefully. They itemized everything they think our pastor does wrong.Seriously? Everyone else at the meeting talked about what a great work he was doing.  I don’t understand how you can attend a church with a leader you don’t trust or accept or support? It will always be a problem. They were told they need to support our pastor 100% or they needed to leave. They refuse to leave and they refuse to support him? How are we suppose to handle that?

I have no idea. It’s not my job to do anything but love everyone and accept everyone. Does it mean I will trust them or spend any time with them? no. But what I do know is…this is why people hate church. This is why people avoid other people. This is also why people leave church and find a happy place to worship.  The thought has crossed my mind as well..only because I have been the target of these people and it is not a fun place to be….Honestly..I didn’t do anything either accept voice the fact that I didn’t agree with them? How come at 65 years old…they still haven’t accepted the fact that just because somebody doesn’t agree with you…it doesn’t mean that they haven’t heard you..and it doesn’t mean that they don’t like you..it just means that have a different opinion?  God didn’t create us all to think the same.

I come from such chaos and psycho-crazy dysfunction….I tend to not realize when people are intentionally being mean to me. I tend to go with the flow of things….and I don’t sweat the small stuff. So arguing and getting all miffed about who doesn’t do what at church is ridiculous.  Who likes who better….ect. In the grand scheme of things will any of that matter? no. The last few weeks I have been dealing with something much more nerve wracking..much more serious…and something that haunts my family ( oddly enough yesterday was the end of that as well). But instead of going to my respite place…God’s house….the church. We get to enter a war zone. It makes no sense …what-so-ever. However..after last night I know it’s all in God’s hands it’s all being handled and it will come to a close ..once and for all. Hopefully.:)Then we can go back to having a great united church family.

I am on the last roll of a quilt…so I am going to finish that up tonight and post pics in the morning. I hope you all have a great night!



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