Trades are flaoting in……Pretty exciting…

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Well It’s exciting now..just praying that all the quilts don’t come in at the same time { that I have to quilt..LOL}

Anyway…Some things have arrived …its always so much fun…cause i love to see hwo otehrs interpret my fabrics and how they make it all work…or just the joy {of a planned pattern} of getting to think about quilting possibilities and do the part that I LOVE. I used to really miss piecing…and I do miss it. It’s very therapeutic…to me anyway { most of the time}. But with everything on my plate I feel guilty taking time to piece when I should be quilting…and in all reality quilting is my gift…..not so much piecing. So I might as well keep fine tuning the “gift”.

So first off is two cross quilts…I traded Mal these two for quilting a ginormous quilt for her a couple months ago. I wanted one for the show…and I want a pastel one for my studio. I have been hanging on to these April Cornell fabrics for YEARS! Waiting for the right projects….so I finally used them. They aren’t beautiful sitting on a shelf in my studio. Well I guess they are…but not as much as if they were in a BEAUTIFUL quilt.

Then Summer made this Kate Spain quilt for me…I had the kit…I wanted it made up so I might have it ready for the local quilt show this year…Teh center is applique..I just need to fuse it on and quilt it with my long I will need to do that part…but isn’t it fabulous? I am in love! I am actually thinking of just using colored threads and actually just quilting the design instead of fusing fabric….still thinking on that part.

Then Linda Sent me two quilts she made from my scraps…The little hosues I am just sure is from Bonnie HUnter’s Quiltville scrap site. I love the houses..I can’t wait to quilt them. They are going to be fun! The little tabletopper or wall hanging is just as adorable! Kansas Troubles is always a favorite…and these scraps are actually from a quilt i made for my BIL…nice quilts! Right? I have the best people to trade with! As you can see the wind was not really cooperating with me…but I wanted to get these I kept trying. LOL

Thanks so much Ladies!



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  1. Mal May 24, 2012 at 5:44 am - Reply

    I’m glad you like them :) I’m sorry on the pastel one, I just saw a misplaced square in the top right corner!

  2. Linda May 24, 2012 at 4:14 pm - Reply

    You are, of course, right about the house pattern being one of Bonnie Hunters, you had mentioned liking her patterns, so I though it would be a good one to make for you. It was a lot of fun for me to use your fabrics and coordinating them for each house was fun. The table topper/wall hanging was quick and fun to do.
    Blessings and continued prayers!

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