Trade Anyone? A Pinterest find I must have….

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ok So I came acros this…I immediatly fell in love.

This picture was on pinterest. GAH! Another {quilt}-aghan I must have.

However, I don’t crochet….and I shouldn’t take on a new hobby..I mean honestly my kids’ scrapbooks have been neglected far to long already…and let’s face it crocheting probably isn’t my niche? Ya think? I am just sure i could learn it if i tried ..but why work on something for 20 years when one of you could do it pretty simply?

So here’s the deal….I want to trade…{ I swear i have more trades than paying addiction is quilts}

I will buy all the supplies..still trying to decide on what size I want for this quilt-aghan ( that’s my name for it cause I don’t know what else to call it) and   I will longarm quilt for whoever takes on this project. So contact me so we can discuss size and how many quilting dollars you would like for this job.

The rule is all my paying jobs come first…since I am not giving you a harsh deadline..please don’t give me one..I try my best to get all quilts out trade or not in a timely manner…but trade ones are worked in between the rest. Thanks


Oh the yummy fabrics going through my mind….I am so excited!






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