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I am being featured on Jo’s Blog. YAY! That’s always nice isn’t it?

I love to go to a class and see the variety of fabrics and such that everyone chooses to make their projects. Even if the pattern is the same there is never two quilts alike because everyone interprets them differently. I think it must be like that to be a pattern see how everyone else makes your pattern…like an on going class…with constant updates. Kind of a nice feeling. That’s one of the many great things about quilting.

Other than that I am kind of maybe starting to catch up on quilts..that’s a bad bad thing to say because then I get a flood of them.


Thats a good thing right?   Job security as I always say.

I was loading a quilt on the frame today and noticed this:


Do you see the random thread? It’s shaped into a heart. AWE! How sweet is that? I think that is God’s visual way of telling me he hears me, He loves me and he is with me while I am struggling. Its’ a good thing I don’t believe in coincidences..or I might actually believe that was totally random and didn’t mean anything…Instead I noticed it and I choose to believe it served a purpose and I was supposed to see it. *wink*

Then I also noticed this …this is the view from one of my studio wondows:

This is the life isn’t it? I have decided the Cat’s life is the life to live. I think the reason us women love cats so much is cause we want to be like them. Nothing is demanded of them..they take care of themselves..they just need to lounge all day, eat when they feel like it, hunt if they have to…but they really don’t expectations..they can be crazy and people still laugh at them and think they are cute…..yeah. I want to be a cat. I have decided a dog isn’t the way to go..they are called “Man’s best friend for a reason” So they can be bossed around by men all day long…and they are comanded to do whatever man wants…and they are conditioned to feel a certain way about lots of things. Yeah, I think I am already living that life already…Cat’s have it made.  Sorry Rob ….er I mean my Illustrious arm candy. (IAC for short). This is in no way directed at you….LOL. Oddly enough our cat’s name is “Princess” …..I wonder why?

Do you all see how crazy my thinking gets being home alone all day with Venus and Serena ( my two long arms that I have named so I can say I work with some friends of mine…who also happen to be sister champions. If I must …I have to at least hang with champs don’t you think?)

Well gotta go…got some work to do.

Blessings to all of you!

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  1. Deb in Japan June 7, 2012 at 7:35 am - Reply

    I love it when the lord takes time to leave me a message. That string is a treasure. Also glad you are almost caught up with quilts. That means Seans is almost ready to be quilted. Cool

    But it also will give you a break, to guilt our own stuff.

    Take care and let me know what I owe for Sean’s


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