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I truly feel like I am in slow motion these last couple of days. I plan my work…and I am about 5 days behind schedule because I can barely squeak out one quilt a day..which is unlike me. I have been cleaning and re-arranging. I think we are all nesting because school is starting. Clarissa cleaned out her closets and went through her clothes today. Cole did that before he left to his Dad’s. We are having a church yard sale so we are collecting….it benefits my mission.  Clarissa and I did a bunch of baking and cooking today…we have a date for tomorrow as well. We have lots of zucchini and the church nees treats for Sunday…so we are gonna make muffins and bread.  We went to the shop today to pick up my work..and drop off some rhubarb (yummy) muffins for Cindi since she let us raid her garden. The shop is having a Grand re-opening sale…..

Minkee ~ $12.99 yd
108″ Backing ~ $11.99 yd
Clearance Fabric ~ $4.00 yd
Clearance Books ~ $5.00
Clearance Patterns ~ $1.00
I want to raid the clearance fabrics….I hear my credit card barking at me….:) There are some really cute ones in the clearance section. So I am need to sort out my to-do list and see what all I need…Need? I use that term loosley.
While at the shop I found out that it was dollar admission into the fair if you brought a can of food. My evening plans changed.. we went to the fair..I don’t want to spend a fortune to get in..just to see quilts.   I got out without spending to much money. We only bought some sodas and smoothies cause it was hot out. Rob didn’t want to wait in line for his coveted Space burger…the lines were outrageous. they always are for Space burgers. I refuse to spend my whole night in a line for something I don’t even care about…LOL. They also introduced something I had never seen before it was called a “Tater Dog” It’s a hollowed out potato with a german sausage inserted in. Ummmm…..yeah. I don’t think that’s on my list. I don’t eat hotdogs, corn dogs or german sausages. The thought of that frightens me.
They ruined a perfectly good potato. LOL
I did find the Scentsy booth and dropped some serious $$ on some bricks. They are discontinueing the bricks…..YIKES! That’s the only way I buy them. So I am not sure I will be buying scentsy anymore…I have the warmers…and I can buy little wax tiles at wal-mart for half the price. Sure there are different scents…but I can always find something I like. the bricks were more affordable. So that’s my take on it anyway.
I also have to say something else scared me.
We walked up to a booth cause Rob was kind of interested in ordering a sandwich. The lady taking orders was getting an elephant ear off the rack for someone else….and started licking all of her fingers one at a time…continuing to pull out elephant ear…take money and serve the food? Umm excuse me? At a fair? Can we say food permit? So we walked away.
I get weirded out at the fair. Honestly. I think I am a theme park kind of a gal. They are just cleaner. I am sounding like a snob. I know. I can’t be perfect.  
So the results at the fair:
I have to say I didn’t know any but one quilt that would be entered..I didn’t enter anything personally…but I feel like a WINNER! anyway! My name was listed nowhere because only the names of the quilt owners are listed….perfectly fine. But everything I quilted got a blue ribbon….and I think almost every category “best of” was quilted by ME, Yours truly! YAHOOO!
I didn’t understand how it all worked last year…apparently when you get a second place red doesn’t matter about category its a score system…so that’s kind of bad. LOL I got one of those and a blue one…on my own personal quilts. The quilts I entered last year were quilted early on in my career…but I was kind of miffed because  of the comments. This year…they are all WINNERS! I am not prideful…..but I am proud! I know where my gift comes from and I know I have been refined in the last year…the fair is not the be all end all of my quilting experience. There is also another fair going on at this time for one of my clients..she has taken first on all of her quilts and grand champion as well…I quilted them all. *smile*   It’s pretty exciting.
I feel a piece of me is with each one of those creations even if my name isn’t associated so I am just as excited!
Well that’s my excitement for the day! I hope you all have fun at the fair!

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