Today was a GREAT day!

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Yesterday I was thinking “Oh you are behind again” I set these daily goals of what I want/need to accomplish as far as work. I set them for other things too…but I am not as strict with myself unless it’s work. I hate getting to far Behind… I think it was because my first year of quilting I was always behind…and treading water. LOL

So when we got home from Family game night at church I stayed up late and got another all over quilt finished up..I had pinned it on earlier in the day….and it’s for a special friend of mine..:)  I needed to get it finished up before Beth comes this next week to pick up hers….so she can take it with her for binding.

Then I got up this morning and started right away on quilting a big one for a QB member…and I pieced a quilt top for my Friend, Teresa. More on that later….but I think it’s so adorable! she gave me everything to make this a year ago and I procrastinated. I am happy to be able to gift this to her.

I also have all of my IRR’s figured out as to what I am going to add for my rounds…and I bought the fabrics I need.

So I will be posting that tomorrow.

I have been wanting to try out my Channel locks on my machine…but the manual ones they send with the machine aren’t working out for me.   To buy electric channel locks from the company is 800$ ( I don’t think so…that’s crazy!) So Rob and I found a link on the web to a couple who made some and give a PDF instructions manual for constructing our own and making them for 100$ YAY! So Rob worked on ordering all the parts for that today. I see some scrappies being quilting in my future using straight lines while I work out the kinks of mastering channel locks.  I am hoping I can get good at them so I can maybe do larger type crosshatching like some of those modern quilts looks so nice with. I was never able to master FMQ on my domestic machine…not without puckers anyway..I probably need to baste better..and quite frankly this chubby body doesn’t like hanging over a quilt on the floor getting all that worked out…so I will have to do it on the long arm. :) I am just sure Rob loves making everything happen for me…LOL. But he’s always willing to try I give him kudos for that.

Rob also put n the new doggie door. we have sliding glass doors in the family room and the living room ( upstairs & downstairs.) We had to buy a doggie door especially for sliding glass doors and we had to order it on-line because they don’t  have the “BIG” dog size in stock at our local home depot. They seem to be taking to it well. It’s a good thing because Brodie is getting older in age and he can’t hold it as well. On a good note…he did in fact have a bladder infection….the first day we took him in the vet gave us an antibiotic to use until the results came back from the lab….. it took a week for us to get those results..the antibiotic did we were living in a sea of urine around here for 2 weeks. When they finally called us they discovered the antibiotic they gave us would not work….so we needed a different one..they were taking a shot in the dark basically the first time around hoping it would work. So within a day he was back to normal..Thank You JESUS! ( no worries as far as quilts. our dogs are gated into  one area of our house (downstairs) and they aren’t allowed in studio) But I can say that he is feeling so much better …which makes me feel better. I also have the vet bill to prove it! UGH!

My LQS owner is getting out of the business of selling Innova Longarms. ( last I heard anyway) and I am making my list of all items I may need to stock pile while before she gets rid of her inventory. I really want to buy two crosshatching systems for my machines…so I am taking the plunge..I think! Anything to make CH easier is better.

Well it’s getting late again…I will be sharing projects tomorrow..while all the men in my house are at a Super bowl party.















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