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Today …or tonight as soon as Rob gets home I am going to have him help me figure out the picture issue that I am having. We got a new desk top because our other one was 10 years old and so turtle slow it was a pain. But the problem is that now I have to learn everything all over again. Things change and I hate that sometimes. I appreciate change, just not technology changes ….LOL!

All last week I was taking pictures so I could share them here. I was so excited to start posting pictures this morning and here we are. What can I say it’s Monday. I even took pictures of several quilts that I have finished over the last 6 months that have been sitting in a pile because I hadn’t shared them here. So I can catch up. I feel really good because the last couple of weeks I have been cleaning & organizing. I had kind of let a few rooms get bad with piles of “stuff”. It feels good that it actually didn’t take that long to organize and put stuff away. I think the work that I have been doing to simplify and declutter has been so worth it because now when it gets out of hand it literally just takes a few hours to get back to normal rather than a whole weekend.

I was thinking that the only room that has an abnormally large amount of stuff is my kitchen. I am having a difficult time getting rid of all of those extra large dishes that I had to have when kids were home because I used them every day. Now we are using the smallest dishes because there is only 3 of us home.

Should I be keeping all of these large dishes for just holidays? I don’t know? it seems like a lot of wasted storage for a few days of the year. So I need ideas for how to deal with that. I have just started training myself not to buy everything in bulk because the 3 of us don’t need a gallon of ketchup when we grocery shop. I don’t even eat ketchup…LOL! So a gallon of ketchup for 2 people lasts a while. haha!

I have listed a few more patterns in my Etsy Shop I thought I could share here:

Glitter Sky is now listed as a pattern. You might recognize it as my first published pattern in McCalls’s : But if you just liked the pattern and didn’t get a chance to get the magazine….You can get the single pattern:

I also published a new pattern called “How Great thou Art” it’s a simple embroidery project that I just loved. I have a whole series of these smaller projects coming. I just have a few more deadlines to get done before I can start really diving into these:

I have also listed my cute sampler “oh Christmas Tree”

I have a whole bunch of new designs coming up soon. I absolutely can’t wait to show you the next few designs. I am very excited for what is coming up. I even bought a bunch of fabric on wholesale to start selling kits of several of my designs. I love American Made Brand Solids ( AMBS) and I love supporting American Companies. So I have decided to use those solids in my designs and carry them in my studio to kit up my designs that use solids. Those are arriving today. I will be selling on Etsy and any of my shows. I have no idea where all of this will lead but I am excited to take this leap. I pray it all works out because I am investing my money and energy …it’s so scary! But there is not reward without risk…right? it’s been crazy. 11 months ago is when I submitted my first design to be picked up & published. It’s amazing to see what has happened in that amount of time. I am not making any real money because everything takes time to build up. But I have to say that it has been fun to see my original sketches come to life. It’s amazing to see how God steps in and gives me hope and stamina to keep going when I feel defeated.

I think that I have to keep re-learning a few lessons in my life and that is that “All of the small choices every day make the big difference”. That pertains to my diet, exercise, business, finances, maintaining anything really. I have also learned that I am not invincible and I HAVE to rest. I have suffered from night terrors most of my life. I still walk and talk in my sleep. Rob makes fun of me when he has caught me walking and talking…it’s the stories he loves to tell to get a laugh, LOL! I guess there are worse things. I have learned to manage my mind and get it to stop running a muck when trying to settle down. But staying asleep is an issue. I have never been able to stop the terrors. Sharing all of this because I have many “Moms” in my life that read this blog and check in with me to ask “Are you resting?” I have to say THANK YOU for asking and reminding me. I know that I am always the person who works non-stop until I accomplish what I set out to do. I will sacrifice everything around me to accomplish this one task that I have in front of me….one bite at a time. But after my break down a few years ago that was due to a lack of sleep..I have learned that I will no longer test that boundary. As soon as I feel that crazy feeling coming on I make myself rest even if that means using a sleeping aid. My therapist told me that was acceptable ( I hate taking any meds at all….but sometimes it’s the lesser evil). That breakdown taught me a lot about myself , my boundaries and that I am human and I need to take care of myself. After that happened it made me second guess myself and not trust myself. Coming from where I come from and having to ONLY rely on myself and trust my instincts ( guidance from God)-losing that scared me to death. I don’t ever want to experience that again. So I appreciate the love & reminders. It does help and makes me evaluate that moment and think.There have been a few days that Rob says I am cranky. I don’t feel that I am cranky. But I am forgetting simple things and letting a few things go simply because I am distracted by the “Sunshine and rainbows” in my head. I have a difficult time staying out of the clouds sometimes and I don’t like coming back to reality when forced. LOL So I have to balance it.

Well I hope you all have a wonderful week. I need to go walk my dogs and start my week. I have a lot of things to accomplish today. Today is the beginning of a new day, a new week and a new adventure. I hope you all feel as blessed as I do.



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  1. Carole lee May 6, 2019 at 11:57 am

    Just keep a few of the big items that you will use for family get together and store them in the garage.

  2. Karen Dutton May 6, 2019 at 11:22 pm

    I am so glad you back on for us to follow all your wonderful projects.

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