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While I was sitting at my computer today thinking of the long list of things I need to get done …thinking about how I was going to accomplish all of it. This is actually something I do every day.

I thought to myself : just enjoy the quiet for a moment.

Because even though the dogs and my family are still sleeping this morning and house is extremely quiet… mind is loud. This is also something that happens everyday.

So what if TODAY I just enjoyed the quiet for a moment? What would happen?

I will tell you what happened today:

  1. I could feel myself breathe a little easier
  2. I prayed more heartfully today
  3. I feel more calm today
  4. I decided to let a few things go today
  5. I realized I need to do this more.

I work from home and I am crazy busy with everything. But nothing is crazier in my mind. I have realized that being a creative is sometimes probably not beneficial to me. I am a very disciplined person and I always get my work done. I am very task oriented in that way. However, being able to give way to my every creative whim has kind of re-fashioned me in a different way. I feel like I am becoming more and more a part of my “own” world. One I have created and one that makes me happy. This has served me well for many years. However, it is also making me dislike having to enter the real world at times. To the point that, I think, I am developing some anxiety and resentment when I have to enter the real world. I was never this way before. Maybe it is just all of the polarization and hatefulness that we are being marinated in on a daily basis? I have no idea. But either way…Charisma’s World is becoming more and more appealing and even I know that it’s not healthy to stay for so long.

I guess the take away here is to stop and enjoy the quiet for a moment. YOU deserve it. I deserve it. We all deserve it.



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