Today 11-29-12

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Today I woke up with a bad dream. That just throws off your whole “morning” experience doesn’t it? I wasn’t going to let it get me down. So instead of laying in bed thinking about it…I got up. Made my bed started trying on clothes…cause you know it takes awhile to find an outfit to wear..that looks decent, might hide the rear and also feels comfortable. I knew I had to go out in public today so I thought I would try to look like I did something with myself. While doing all of that I decide to put the turkey carcass in the pot with a bit of water to boil …..I need to make sandwiches for Missionary night tonight. We have missionaries at Church tonight from Zambia. So before hearing their testimony we have a dinner of soup and sandwiches.  I thought turkey salad sandwiches would be good. Well Beth came over..I was helping her pin on a quilt….adn sudenly I smell burning…I race upstairs and there is yellow billowing smoke coming from the turkey pot along with crackling. Then of course the fire alarm goes off….so does the security system…then the phone starts going nuts. Of course. So I had to open all the windows in the house….The doors and fan the heck out of this place. It still smells disgusting the kids noticed it as soon as they got home…told me to light some candles cause it smelled like burned turkey soup…… yuck!  So that was interesting…I had to take a shower cause I smelled like burned turkey as well.

Then Donna called to see if I could join her for lunch…sure. That’s always a nice thing.

So another great thing is I hired an errand boy. Jeri’s kind of boyfriend……or boy interest cause we don’t let her date. Really loves hanging out with our family. So he looks for excuses to be here. We are quite a fun family I might add. So I hored him to be “CEB” -> Charisma’s Errand Boy. He gets to run all of my errands, grocery store runs, bank deposits, pay bills drop off and pick up quilts…YAY! It’s nice to have cheap labor that drives. This will help keep me in the studio more often. Although …Rob doesn’t think this is such a good idea becuase he thinks I need to get out more often. :)

I think this funny but my kids are in a phase of listening to the 80’s band called “Journey” and hits by “Bon Jovi” from the 80’s. UMmmm excuse me? How come a few years ago this was so “uncool” and suddenly they think it’s weird I know all the words to these songs? Oh brother!

Clarissa also gave me her Christmas list yesterday. It’s listed in order of importance. Seriously?

So on this List 1. ipod touch/ i phone

2. nike pink basketball shoes    3. nail polish     4. video games ( spelled Vidio games)    5. Laptop (spelled labtop)

First of all….umm if we can’t spell such expensive items..maybe we don’t need them.  So I ask her to write some more offordable optons on her list because this list is going to Landon and Jordan. She said : NO…That’s all I want.

Me: Well Clarissa if this is the attitude you have you may get nothing for Christmas?

Clarissa ….Yes I will..I only want these things.

Serioulsy. I am ready to take away all of her gifts right now. She is trying to control what she gets. So she thinks if she doesn’t put anything else we will all just cave and spend a small fortune on her? Umm I don’t think so.

Rob and I went shopping last night to get gifts while the kids were at youth group.

I asked Rob to get me a list of his items..since I had to give him a list. He has two items. I made fun of those two items….mistake. Then he said “That’s all I want” UGH! I wonder who Clarissa takes after? Can I really punish her for falling off the Rob apple tree? Then we stopped by the church to say hi….stayed a bit to long. LOL That always happens.

While shopping last night we bought eachother a gift…cause I wanted something I saw..and he wanted something he saw…and they cost the I told him if we bought them they had to be wrapped up and put under the tree. He doesn’t like waiting …but we have to stick to that…it’s the time of year. Patience is a virtue.

I wanted to choke at the bill…but it’s because we did all of our shopping in one swoop..mostly. I mean we already nought the big gifts for the kids before I left for Haiti. I have been collecting them since summer.

So at least that is over for the most part. I still have some odd and end gifts that I need to get for others ….but kids are done. I just need to get stocking stuffers.

I also had a few AMAZON gift I had a little shopping spree last night….along with a pinterest find…a website called Totsy. Umm can we say GREAT DEALS? I fonally got some decent shoes because my feet have been killing me. I am sure I need to start babying my feet a bit more. So many years of not…is catching up with me. I used to wear heels all day at work….and my feet never botehres me….now it’s a different story.

I need to get going…I have to be at church in an hour and lots of quilting to do. Have a blessed night!









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